Beginning Items?

Hey guys, i'm currently playing through my first hardcore char (lvl 10 barb) and I was wondering about items in normal... Is it worth trying to get +xp per kill or gold find? I know I should def not bother with these for NM and beyond but normal isn't too rough and these could help me stay better equipped and higher lvl. any thoughts?? thanks
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Typically for the beginning I just sort of pick up whatever crap I find, equip what's good and don't put much thought into it. Around level 20 I might do some shopping, but usually only for weapons. I'll try to outfit myself relatively well when stepping into Nightmare, but a lot of people tend to overestimate what kind of gear level you need for it.

It's up to you, really. If you feel safe, keep doing what you're doing. If you feel in danger, visit the AH.

By the way, welcome to the Brotherhood!
I haven't tested +exp per kill items. Assuming they work as advertised they will be your best bet for all of NORMAL. So far I always stack + exp per kill and ruby in helm and you can zoom through Acts1-4 normal quickly and still level fast.

I'm not sure how well Ruby in helm works (i'm at 19% exp I think?) as you can't see exp gain from kills and it's not terribly easy to track it.
I wouldn't choose those stats deliberately. If they happen to be on your optimal gear, great.

For being your 1st hc toon, I'd be super careful and slow.

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