AH ate my gold and didnt give me what i want

Bug Report
okay so i was trying to buyout this sanguine sunder price was at 100k i clicked buy out it said AH was busy and to try it again later well i did and it took my gold but didnt give me what i wanted then when i checked out why it fail it gave me........ action failed. (error 32105)
forget about the damn sword just give my gold back..... BTW this is the second glitch i have seen the first being the herding staff geting deleted from my inventory witch really sucked since i had about 300 k into it and lots of time getting all the gear to make it if u need the Order ID number for my gold here it is.. (233893932) id like my gold back and if u guys could give me my staff of herding back it was only at nightmare level but it took time to get it there!!!

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