Anyone giving Torchlight 2 a chance?

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TL2 will sell a lot of copies, but its a gamer's game. It is not centered around the multi-player experience, and your e-peen has no worth. So a lot of people who don't like d3 still won't like TL2.

However, if you like ARPGs with depth and replayability, it should be right up your alley. There's no way it won't be a relative success, largely because of the less-than-stellar reception d3 has had amongst fans of the genre.
Made by ex-Blizzard North, the crew that made the masterpiece we all know and love called Diablo2.
The first game is awesome, and the likelyhood of TL2 being even better is incredibly high.

Not true.from what I understand it is only one guy, Max Schaeffer.

Still should be fun though.
06/10/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Hopnivarance
The first Torchlight was about 500x more fun than Diablo 3, so I can't wait for T2 so I can say !@#$ diablo and get a refund.

you have a strange taste in games, cause the first Torchlight was a boring steaming pile

I disagree. And, judging by the TL sales and the anticipation of TL2, so do a LOT of people.
06/10/2012 07:03 PMPosted by JackL
Torchlight 2 does not have enough PvP - so fail.

right now, it has as much PvP as diablo 3.

Gave it a chance in the last two betas. It's boring and the art style is terrible.
If either game fits our preference and taste there's no need to argue which is better, just enjoy te games that you paid $ for
Torchlight 1 was terrible.
TL2 +1

When is the game out?
Hell yes! I'm sick of the nerfs and someone constantly changing the drop rates just so they can make money!
I had already planned to pick it up prior to D3, now I plan to just switch to it when it comes out.

Far as I can tell from beta, they aren't dumbing down the game for retards like D3 has been.
06/10/2012 06:04 PMPosted by Modaea
No its an over hyped game on these forums. I'll stick to D3. People fail to realize D3 is a few weeks into release and will be a lot different by the time TL2 (lol) comes out.

So, you are saying Torchlight 2 full release can't contend with a 1 month Diablo 3 paid beta?

There is no way Blizzard could fix Diablo 3 to the extent that it needs fixing to make it any better than Torchlight 2 before it's is released. Torchlight 2 is going to blow Diablo 3 out of the water in every way. Torchlight 2 already has one-up on Diablo 3: it's going to be released with all the features that were promised.
06/10/2012 06:12 PMPosted by Aimless
what other arpgs are worth looking into?

06/10/2012 06:08 PMPosted by Opellia
Torchlight 2 is being created by the origial D1 D2 and WoW developers. I put my money on TL2...

I think that answers your question ;)
Got TL2 pre purchase on steam got TL1 free with it. Played about 30 odd hours was enjoying it enough nothing to award winning but fairly solid game with no bells and whistles. So anyway mate says D3 is out i get this. Have not loaded up TL since and have almost doubled my time in D3 to 60 hours in half as much time.

So in synopsis I think IMHO D3 is far more replayable than TL

TL2 i will be playing since i already purcahsed it. I dont like to build up hype on games so as to not be dissapointed same with movies. So I Imagine I Will enjoy it .. will i enjoy it more than D3 I dont know.

Im still enjoying D3 a lot. I however dont let things like games cause me stress, i dont loose sleep over games and I didnt overhype them. I also play games for fun so if at any point its not anymore I stop playing it. I dont however continue to pick at the scab and make the wound worse like it seems a lot of haters seem to do.

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