Getting Bored to Death....

So, what to do now? The mindless farming for gear progression in Inferno is getting rather boring. The game was pretty fun up-until I hit Inferno. Now, it's like all I do is the first 5 quests in the game over and over again for better gear. Hmm, maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe I should be running HELL over and over again for better gear. I don't know. I'm getting bored with it. I want to get further, but I'm tired of spending hours a day doing the same boring thing and not getting any further...
I tried 5 stack Neph Valor Hell Ponies but it was less worthwhile than Goblin farming. :/ Chaos Sanctuary runs were more "fun" than this. I don't really know what to do now, farm goblins and inch closer to a certain death in Act 2 Inferno?
What did you do in D2 once you reach lv90 or so? Make alts and mf gear for the fun of it. Same here.

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