Funniest or Most Random Item Names?

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I was wondering what every bodies funniest and most random item names they've come across was. I'll start.


1h Mace - Doom Man Hammer
Boots - Cat Stompers
Gloves - Lady Puncher
"Thick Third Eye"
Glorious Doom Hammer of Doom.

ME3 players know what I'm talking about.
Jester's crack.
Warcraft - Pants (Blizzard ran out of idea to name their item XD)
True Crusher of Souls.
The Blade -- 1H Sword
The Skin -- Chest
The Pendant -- Amulet
Hawk Shock...

I saw this bow on the AH earlier today.

Say this name 5 times fast.
Touch Confession
Genesis Genesis
Medicine Strategy
flawless breast ^_^
There was a post yesterday with a belt called a "Raging stra pon" (minus the space)

My favorite I've seen in-game though is either Hammer Pants (which cannot be touched) or Socketed Unspeakable Thing of Blind Rage.

Also, nice link earlier for a Marauder shield....hate those things so much.

ME3 players know what I'm talking about.

I want one :).
Flesh breast :E
Black Backhand - mildly racist fist weapon
Black Kicks - mildly racist boots

The other day I saw a 1h axe in the auction house...

"Cut Wind"
Thrusting Hammer.
Native Might - Midly racist pants


Also The Dam - Shield

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