Funniest or Most Random Item Names?

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Soothing Dome (helm)
I literally lolled
Academic Ragers - rare bracers

"nerd rages?"
I forget the exact name but it was a 2 handed sword with a name that involved death and the damage was 666.6
Horrible Treasure - rare amulet which was not so horrible.
"The Weapon" - Worst 1h dps axe ever.
Raiding raid sword of raiding

Touch Mine - rare gloves
Kill Blizzard - Dagger
Kwan Dao is actually the funniest name for me because it's pronounce exactly the same in my Language (Im from VietNam ), i was wondering is there any staff from Blizz Vietnamese lol
there was a post yesterday with a belt called a

I believe that was discussed in /r/diablo a few days ago, it was a shop

ME3 players know what I'm talking about.

Ah ME3's last boss.
I found a blue Amulet called "Wicked Weed." There was no "right-click to consume" option...
War Craft
Found a 2 hand axe tonight called Gorged Vane ... made me LOL
A belt called "Raging !@#$%^-"

Edit: Raging Strap(No space here)on.
Kill Blizzard
Massive Exploit - Amulet

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