dmg per AP, slow vs fast

Do folks prefer slow or fast attacks, and why?

While it feels fun to click spam magic missles, a single shot of arcane orb costs the same ap regardless of weapon speed. This suggests that when using these skills, we should be using the SLOWEST weapon possible to maximize damage per AP.

By example, you get 2x the dmg-per-ap out of arcane orb when using a (1.0atkpersec * 100dmg) than when using a (2.0atkpersec * 50dmg). Likewise, you get better dmg per ap out of +%dmg than +%as.

Slow attacks do come at a mobility cost.. but some attacks are independent of weapon attack speed, including electrocute and blizzard. (Do these scale with dps or swing dmg??)

On the flipside, fast attacks should provide more dps from per hit modifiers like +xx frost dmg. Afaik these are not represented in the lying-stats-panel numbers. Is anyone using super fast attack speed weapons and shooting for more +magic damage, rather than white damage numbers?

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