Is Diablo 3 worth it?

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No. Currently Diablo 3 itself is not worth it. If rushed output, !@#$ty graphics and horrible lag issues weren't enough buy Diablo3 and you'll get all the spam you ever wanted.

I want to make a request.

during this 6hr downtime Blizzard if you aren't too busy, could you fix the Block Communication and block only half of the 50000 %^-*ing spammers throughout the day. No need to block them all cause we all know that will never happen, but please for the love of god limit how many times a person can spam in chat. Set level restrictions or free account restrictions. just do SOMETHING about it. I didn't pay $60 to have to scroll through 90 layers of spam messages to find an actual player talking.

That's all I ask for, I hope its not too much to ask. I'll be happy to spend another day outside if you could just fix that problem.

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