Shared Chest not big enough?

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I feel that the shared chest, although a great way to transition items between characters, simply isn't big enough. Especially when I have several gear sets for different situations in inferno just for a single character.

In comparison to D2 where every character had their own chest to store gear. Albeit items took up more slots then too.

I'm on the verge of having to buy another game license just to store all my items because I am farming them faster than I can move them with the 10 post limit on the AH.
They want you to sink your gold into it.
**edit **

PS.. make a few characters and transfer your stuff. Also if you have 8 characters and a stash full of lvl 60 UBER items then you need to quit asking for a million gold on the AH and sell them at 100,000. Most people in this game have not even collected more than like a few hundred thousand gold.
Small stash
10 character slots
5 classes with no reason to make duplicates

They clearly want you to use 5 slots for mules :)
I already have max tabs unlocked and on the verge of character limit.

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