error 3008 and 300008 whole Sat morning

Technical Support
error 3008 and 300008 occur in the whole morning, anyone suffers the same issue?
me too
Same here
Me also
Going to have to throw my hat in as well. Its worth noting that it takes a fortnight to retrieve my hero list when I first sign in.
i'm going through the same problem... is blizzard fixing this anytime soon...?
Same here
Same...was fine for awhile but logged in to another character and now can't create a game.
Same. Getting old. Come home from work and school 4 times outta 10 can't play my single player game cause of blizzard's servers.
Quick send the intern to petco we need a new hamster stat!
"There was an error creating the game" Error 300008

Has blizz realized that this keeps happening yet?
same here. Game unplayable
Was able to play fine earlier today, now I can't join public or single player games and my achievements are missing. Go Diablo 3!
Check your achievements folks ! I have this same error and my achievement list has been wiped out.
Work all night, sleep all day, can't play the game...this is getting really old and annoying. I haven't even hit level 60 yet with my only character!

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