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As I understand it, attack speed does not appear on every piece of gear, like boots, legs, head, shoulders, belt, and bracer. If attack speed is changed to appear in smaller amounts on rings, hands, weapons, and amulets, please allow it to appear on the items that currently do not produce an increase attack speed bonus so that it balances out and no less than on par with the amount of attack speed that is currently acquirable.

My play style is a fast, hard hitting play style. I love attack speed and am very upset that attack speed is going to be nerfed. Also, I have frequented the forums and have not seen any complaints about attack speed. Certainly, it is not on the same scale as other complaints. Having a high attack speed is simply Fun as well.

It is understandable why IAS items are being considered for a change, but adding a diminishing return on IAS is not an ideal solution to me.

(Edit: It makes sense if Legendaries keep their current attack speed bonus)
certain legendaries/sets have IAS that normal items wouldnt, such as pants and belts. FYI

IAS cannot be found in very many slots currently, w/o getting legendaries I think ring/weapon/quiver/ammy are all that have it randomly iirc?
I am saddened that no one looks at this forum to discuss this topic...and every solution I see in the general forum is too complicated while mine will likely be unheard for no specific reason.
egendaries it can show up on everything, boots, helm. chest, wrists, ammy, rings, weapon, off the top of my head
I too love attack speed and am slightly sadened but hopefully it wont be too big of a nerf.
Yeah, it's not just that AS is good, it's fun!
That's the reason people use attack speed, it's just tedious waiting long before an attack, fast is good blizz needs to understand that!
I really want this to have a chance to be seen...especially since this is the correct forum to be, rather than everything being discussed on the general forum. And this is a simple solution which makes sense.
"attack speed is going to be nerfed."

you have a link to confirm this??
The amount of attack speed on items will be nerfed, or there will be diminishing returns (which I hope is not the case), and it is confirmed on the front page of the site.
So much for all the gold I spent buying AS items. nerf nerf nerf. It is all that happens in most games nowadays.
Ive played a lot of diablo including the old ones and I think its a bad idea for the following reasons;

- the game is already watered down, slowed down and simplified- next thing ull add is global cooldowns on all skills for 1 second after use??? dont make this into another wow with top view perspective pls nerfing IAS will just make the gameplay SLOWER and its already bad enough as it is compared to previous diablos (all mobility skills like vault/teleport/leap/whatever have been put on cooldowns or resource cost) dont slow it down even more cause i already feel my potential/skill is higher than the game can handle at this point. slowing down further will cause frustration with skilled players cause the game just cant keep up. IAS nerf = SLOWER gameplay = SUCKS

- IAS is a MAJOR game mechanic and changing it based on feedback from PVE is just ridiculous at least wait for PVP feedback, PVP needs the speed and flexibility IAS offers. I'm prepared to sacrifice thousands of DPS for faster resource generation and mobility leave me that option

- IAS is one of the few things that hold resemblance to the old diablos, its just fun to feel your character progress as it gets kitted out by becoming faster and more mobile instead of just being able to hit harder and take more damage, nerfing the IAS will take away a dimension and ull just have to stack damage and resist kinda boring imo

- dual wield is already near to impossible to make work as it is now and ridiculously expensive, for example I spent 15 million on 1hand bows for my demon hunter and I dont even come near the DPS others do with far cheaper 2hand items. The only advantage it does give me is IAS and faster resource generation, take that away and why would any character go for dual wield when u can just get a blue 1000+ dps 2hander and buttonpound

- any way you look at it if you nerf items from now on all exisiting items will become '!éç(!éè expensive and you will create a group of "elite" pre 1.3 patch items. If u really wanna make changes think of UPGRADING other stats/mechanics to make them better but if someone wants to have a fast mobile character let them. In all games they just nerf nerf nerf nerf and in the end u perhaps have some "sense" of balance but the gameplay has been messed up and the game looks nothing like the original everyone came to love any more.

- finally put an end to adding more and more WOW dna to this game its really showing and it will destroy diablo if it continues

Yeah its a rant I didnt even bother re-reading the post but I believe I made all my points. DONT TOUCH THE ATTACK SPEED ITS TOO MUCH FUNZ

peace out
Decrease AS is a stupid solution for the game balance. I am a DH, if the attack speed goes down, I think BLZ should consider removing DH from the characters, because there is no way out for DH but accumulate AS.

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