error 3007 every 10 minutes since last patch

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2 weeks without any problems and then after the latest patch, Ive been constantly getting error 3007 to the point that the game is no longer playable.

Blizzard suggests that I should replace my router? But its working on all the other games I own. Generally, you shouldn't buy replacement hardware for a single product that isn't working, when all others do. right?

Given the fact that I didnt have this problem until the patch, Im rather unconvinced. Also, port forwarding isn't an option as I have more than 1 gaming system, and while they both arent using Diablo3, some of the ports overlap other game titles.

We need a serious fix.

I wonder if its my authenticator.

The error 3007 is being looked into. However, this is still an error that for the most part, would normally show up on poor connections. I'm not saying that's the case with your error 3007, but we should still make sure that everything is OK on your end.

Can you post some network information?

* Windows Xp, Vista, or 7 (also include if it's a 32 or 64 bit version)
* Firewall (McAfee, Norton, ZoneAlarm, etc.)
* Network Adapter brand, model, driver date, and driver version number (Steps below)

1. Click Start.
2. Click Control Panel.
3. Double-click on the System icon (in Windows XP, you may need to click Switch to Classic 4. View on the left hand side of the screen).
5. Select the Hardware tab.
6. Click on Device Manager
7. Expand the section labeled Network Adapters.
8. Right-click on your network card and select Properties.
9. Click on the "Driver" tab at the top

* Router brand and model # (this should be printed somewhere on the front or back or bottom)
* Cable or DSL Modem brand and model #(this should be printed somewhere on the front or back or bottom)
* ISP (Internet Provider)
* Is the connection wired or wireless
* Location (City, State)
* Traceroute ( )
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Having same issue and my game was working perfectly till last patch as well. Game would run fine but eventually I get disconnected it tends to happen at the worst times too like when I have 5 stacks and I am about to kill butcher =(
Windows 7
Windows Firewall disactivated
No antivirus
(service Secondary Logon activated)
Linksys E3000 (DD-WRT firmware)
ISP: Videotron (Cable)
Location: Montreal, Canada


Also I followed every single troubleshooting steps given by Blizz.

Blizzard, contact me if you need to troubleshoot further, I wish to help.

If been getting the same error sice yesterday when the new patch released ,what is the dealio with this stupid error if been playing since it released on 15 th may ..Im 51 and want to go to 60

I have windows 7 64 bit
windows firewall deactivated
antivirus NOD 32
Internet adapter brand Intel
location : South Africa,Louis Trichardt

Please let me know to

thank u

Can you try a wired connection rather than the wireless? If not, could you go ahead and try that?
Support Information Administrator
If you can't find a solution to your issue, feel free to contact a Support Representative directly for further assistance. Their contact information can be found at the following link:

I'm available on the forums Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
I'm also having the same problem, and it's only been happening since the last patch. The game worked fine before last patch (with the exception of all the other broken things that seemed to happen with this game). And it will literally be impossible to play from a wired connection for me in a couple of weeks seeing as i'm moving to the snow for the season (in Australia) and that's only three months so it would be pointless to get a wired connection just for that amount of time. Also it can't be a poor connection issue seeing as I download movies and music all the time through a wireless connection at very fast speeds. Clearly this is at your end please fix it.
Definitely Blizzard issue, not me. I am an "IT" kind of guy; this is definitely your issue. Please resolve it asap. -.-; Tired of not being able to farm items, because I can't even get to 5 stacks of valor in time.. bought a bunch of items too.. and can't even play with them effectively. Making me heavily regret the decision to purchase the items that I did. I have also been having problems with AH not giving me gold back because of errors.. -.-; and having to wait until the next morning to get my gold back..
me too error every 15-20 minutes since 1.03
i tried connecting directly to my pc and it still happens.
5 stacks gone more than 10 times today!

power cycled my modem and it seems to be gone for now.
Having the same problem here. Is this issue fixed or what?

Tried the Join public chat solution and changed my secondary logon to auto but t no avail.
I'm not gonna mess with my router setting and modem settings just to play this game.

Windows 7 64 bit
Region : South East Asia
Antivirus : Microsoft Security Essentials
Wireless Connection
We all have the same problem, this is on Blizzard. I think I have this error when my fps drops. When there are too many mobs and spells on the screen.
Hey guys I am having the exact same problem. I am on a wired connection so it certainly is not an internet connection issue. The moment I disconnect, I tested other applications on the web and they're running just as fast. I'm on the US server and never had this issue with the previous patch. Please do something about it. It absolutely sucks when I have stacked 5 NV for act 3 ... and suddenly am disconnected.
i have tried every solution that you can find in the top 10 search on these forums and on google.

Still happening, wired or wireless, randomly at any time.
Same with me, play WoW for hours and no problems, so this is a Blizzard problem they don't want to own up to. Makes the game unplayable.
disconnected again.

game is unplayable since patch.
I can t understand WHY isn't it working now and it used to work since the release till last patch>????the router,modem,opened/closed ports,hardware,software these ARE NOT the problem,the problem consists in your server and the issues that came with the last patch....pls stop giving solutions that wok just for some people,this is not a solution ...sorry to say this blizzard but we are dissapointed...awaited too long for a game that we can t even play's a shame for a company like this to get beaten by a thing like this...i really hope you can fix this ASAP!
actually ive been able to play since 3 WEEKS because of this error yes 3 WEEKS i mean got 2 week of solide gaming then patch and ops now am losing connection every 10 min this is a joke that would be awsome if you guy could fix this ..... Ive waited long enough now is time for some answer!
Error or not, unstable connectivity to after the patch is irritating. Even more so when you're trying to act like all of these users must have something wrong on their end. How long until you fix what you've unnecessarily broken?
I have the same problem, game run almost perfect up to the latest patch.
Problem seems to appear when getting 3-5 NV stacks and usually at butcher inferno. Even disconnected while yellows on the floor, from Butcher lost forever of course.

It is extremely frustrating, as i spent a few hours getting stacks and dc right at the butcher. Twice tonight.

Also the game appear laggy when lots of action on screen, never before patch.

Wired connection. 50 mbs speed. Lowered graphics, didn't help, just got DC again.
Basically wasted 4-5 hours just to get to boss, dc, and having to restart.

I didn't sign for this Blizzard. !

I bought a game, I want to be able to play it. I'm at recommended specs, so fix your game or I'm gonna be force to ask for a refund.

Oh, and all of the above repeat very time i try to play, so yeah, unplayable.

Dont ask for my specs, it happens to a lot of people. Windows 7 64, all the updates etc.
Dump this need to be fix i didnt pay for nothing 3 weeks now some have this prob since release i didnt pay for a game that i cant play without bieng dc to caracter screen every 10 min

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