error 3007 every 10 minutes since last patch

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I am having the same problem the game worked fine on previous patch but with the new patch it won't let me log in. Blizzard said that the previous patch was supposed to streamline the logging in procedure what a load of crap that was
i was using the started addition and upgraded via the internet and when i went to play it pops up with error 3007 and cant even log in. i wasnt having any problems beforeon the starter addition. And i dont think it my internet because it loads everything else mint as and never ad a problem before.
hi, also getting error 3007 when connecting to Americas Server. No problems when connecting to SE server.. what gives Blizzard?? this happened after your apparent patch... geezz...
Blizz! This is so frustrating okey?! We don't pay $60 bucks for nothing! Every single time you guys updated a new patch. There is always errors and we have to waste our time to go google to search for solutions? WTF? This time is the worst error ever! "error 3007" What the hell??!! I can't play for like 2 days now. Tried everything I could to reconnect to Americas server. Router is new, new internet provider, speed is perfect as I am the only person using it, connect directly with RJ45 cable....what else you guys want from us? FIX IT with some sort of patch that help solve all this crap you guys got us into! All the way from Aussie! Not happy!
This is why Diablo 3 should have an offline mode the amount of complaints you get would be reduced by at least 50%

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