Siegebreaker with no stacks

Is it worthwhile at all to just go right into the siegebreaker without stacks? My problem is I can't kill him with the same abilities I can kill elites with
you're telling me you can't put a hydra down and run around for 10 minutes?
Yea - I've gotta agree with Chango here. This fight is extremely easy with just about any build. Throw a Hydra and maybe a blizzard here and there and let Tyrael go to town. All of his offensive abilities are extremely easy to avoid (even without teleport). Maybe invest in some +run speed boots to help you stay away from him more effectively? I don't know what else to tell you here... this is probably one of the easiest boss fights in the game.
I am killing him with hydra/Bliz elites with hydra/orb so yes yes I am without the easy mode snare of bliz yes I can't
You don't need Blizzard in this fight. Hydra & either teleport or run speed boots should be enough to keep you ahead of him.

Personally - I use arcane hydra w/ the arcane dmg slow passive as part of my regular build so it keeps him slowed constantly. Best advice I can give you is either to re-build with some type of enemy slow abilities or get +run speed.
get 12% run spd boots
stop n orb him in the face when ever he does anything.

Hydra kills the siegebraker alone

Tyraael kill the elites alone
Why not use all three?

Hydra, Orb and Blizzard.

That's what I do...
Yeah you dont really need to drop blizzard. You just drop hydra and run in a circle around the middle area so you dont get cornered and thats really it.

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