HDD Major-Stuttering Solved (Second Thread)

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It's approaching 7 months. Has there been any progress?
I just wanted to pop in say that this fix did indeed fix ALL of my stuttering.
I what I did was I just copied the entire game to a different Drive, an SSD with nothing on it. deleted the game from my C: drive and replaced the shortcut with the one from my SSD, works perfect.
I used to get a huge lock up at launch when I first zoned and aggroed mobs, then occasionally while playing it would stutter but now, its smooth as butter, thank you so much for the fix!
Ok, I have no idea how much I like to thank you for this fix.
I am a programmer myself and i never did come close to think using a dlink to fix this.

I am using ATI 4650 HD graphic card, i read so many website, clean this, wipe driver, disable this and that, lower this or that, nothing even come close to fix it.

I follow your idea and put the folder using some old harddrive, not even SSD, WALA! Fixed it all!! I can even play with highest setting!! Thank you so much. ALL PLEASE TRY THIS!! Really works!! work for me using a junk external usb harddrive :)

I am so happy now, finally can start play the game lol.
Does it work with an 8gb usb key ?
Thx Man, this fixed game for me. This thread must be STICKY!!!
Blizz persaded me that was my network, then I suspected that something is wrong with my gtx650ti and today I have found this thread and go out and bought flash stick 16gb just for d3 and it works now without stuttering.

Just one question why is my MPQs folder 12GB?

You must have 16gb because win see 8 gb as 7.5 adn 16gb as 15.5gb

What to do when game updates? Do I need to delete folder from USB and rename one on hdd to original name or I dont need anything to do?
Just to keep this current this solution has worked great for me since I found the thread six weeks ago. It handles updates too with no issues for me. An awesome post, it saved game for me, the stutter was horrible and stressful. The smooth play is so enjoyable compared to the stop-start and sometimes death when an elite mob shows and you cant play for 2 secs because of the chance for stutter. As a wiz I needed to use unstable anomaly passive skill as a workaround to try and survive an e-attack-with-stutter. Stupid! Make this solution Public please Make it So! Offer the game on a flash drive too.
this resolved my problem , i must say thank you !!!
U mean... If i buy a 16Gio key i will be able to play in Hardcore ??? No way !!!

Thanks blizzard for the fix... Oh wait ! Blizzard didn't even though about it !
Ok, but why blizzard dont try to solve that on a simple way?? =)
This fixed 90% of the stuttering and lag for me. Huge thank you! The game has gone from completely unplayable to very enjoyable in 5 minutes. Amazing!
New update just downloaded and I didnt have to delete anything on my flash and redo the link it seemed to just do it automatically b/c there are files dated 2-12-2013 on the flash now from the update.
Did this fix with an eSATA RAID drive. Fixed everything. 6 TB is a bit overkill, though and I hate to use my primary backup drive as a gaming drive. Need to find a small SSD and do it with that.
so I basically need to purchase an additional SSD/18gb flash stick in order to run this game without stuttering :/ not an option sadly.
I had absolutely horrible FPS drops that would make the game unplayable at some points, installed d3 directly onto a flash drive.. that did not help the fps drops at all but I tried full screen windowed mode now i can run at max settings constant 55-60fps vsync! If anyone is having problems still after the flash drive ..try fullscreen windowed mode hope that helps
Is anyone's MPQ folder actually ~7.5 GB in size? Mine's 14 GB, and that's after deleting the Cache folder and having the game recreate it. I could barely fit the MPQ folder on a 16 GB USB stick.
Patches made it bigger, this thread was made last year.
Just like to thank the OP for this - I left this game on the shelf for a year hoping it would get fixed....a simple 16GB cheap USB stick eliminated the stuttering for me...now I can finally enjoy this game
I just want to say as an update that I did use this method for a while.

At first it was great. While the stuttering didnt completely go away it was significantly less and made things MUCH more enjoyable. One day though the game was acting really odd and the stuttering came back like it was. It was after a major patch. No it wasnt because the files got sent to the HDD. My files never did, the game just updated the files on the usb its cool like that.

After digging around I had dug up some blue posts saying they were looking into "performance" issues. Now I mean that could be ANYTHING. I decided though that the files were going back on the HDD to see what happens though. Magically things got better.

No stuttering.

BTW.. im not running some mystical SSD drives. Im running 3 7200rpm sata drives (old ones at that). Anyway, if this method is still working for yall then great! if not then try something else. different computers demand different methods and sometimes a combonation of methods to make things right.
Is there a real difference in performance between moving the entire Diablo III folder onto the flash drive and moving just the MPQs folder?

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