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I honestly don't know what happened to my Staff of Herding. It appears there is a bug, but for all I know I dropped it cause it's a white item. (although I had been really careful with it) Seriously, I thought with all the items being account bound and the Staff being account bound that it couldn't disappear period, but now I see that even if it was a bug it can't be restored. Maybe I can't get my staff back, but PLEASE put something in the game to ensure this doesn't happen to other players. I spent like 5 or 6 hours farming the materials for the staff, let alone the gold to upgrade it to Nightmare. Nothing has made me want to stop playing entirely MORE than losing my staff.
Yep.. I had the same thing happen yesterday. Sent in a ticket asking to be told what happened to it and got a form response saying "can't restore in-game items".

I just want to know what happened.
Heard a rumor that it sometimes disappears from your inventory if you try to pickup an item with insufficient inventory space while carrying the Staff.

Best way to avoid this is to immediately TP after entering the level & stick staff in Stash.

No clue if this is a confirmed bug or not, and yes stashing/unstashing is aggrivating, but hardly as aggrivating as farming all the items + gold again.
The same happend to me yesturday, i did the whole staff(inferno) when i look into my bags it was gone, i did go back to whimsyshire but it wasnt there.
This is absolutely rediculous

A non-tradeable/sellable item should be indicated by any collor OTHER than white

I tossed out my staff by mistake and did not get a chance to pick it up again. I think It would be a good idea that if you toss it out of the inventory , you will get a POP-UP warning asking to you to confirm disposal , just like when you salvage a rare item its asks you to confirm.

+1 if you guys agree.
I just made a post about my Staff of herding, now that I think of it I did drop it once and picked it back up but I don't remember dropping any other items after I exited the magic pony land. So the case could be that it was just vanished/bugged out instead.

Yeah a warning sign should pop up to confirm you want to drop it.
06/09/2012 12:45 PMPosted by HELLION
toss it out of the inventory , you will get a POP-UP warning

This isn't nodiatis lol

I have an infernal staff of herding and I've NEVER dropped it, I've never heard any of my friends say omg I lost my staff.
I honestly think, people that say they lost them, dropped the staff
staff of hearding lost after use... anything we can do?
I lost mine just now. For the guy who says i tossed it i did not i TP out everytime i get a full pack sold everything went back thorugh finished left game returned and my staff was gone. Seriously frustrating all the time spent farming the items and upgrading just to have it disappear.
I dropped mine without thinking. Fortunately, I realized it before I quit the game I'd started, and was able to retrieve it. That's probably what happened to most of the people who lose their staffs (except they don't remember in time). So my suggestion is not to drop it (put it in your stash, or at least don't forget that you're carrying it). Might seem a bit mean, but the truth is that if you did drop it, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

I would say making it a different color would be good. Why not rainbow?
This is !@#$ing retarded. I spent 1.7 million to make this %^-*ing staff and I lost it for no reason.

!@#$ you, blizzard. This game is pure %^-*, I really wish I could get my !@#$ing money back.
happened to me too
I just discovered mine missing today. I know I didn't drop it, because I don't drop white items (I vendor them, and SoH can't be vendored, or at least mine couldn't). I haven't taken it out of my stash since I last ran Hell ponies.

Seriously, on top of everything else, this just makes me want to quit. That's 550k gold and all the time I spent farming the mats, gone. I severely regret spending money on this game.
Same with me. C`mon Blizz where is u?!
I also lost my staff. I always keep it in the bottom left of my inventory or in my stash with my potions. Not sure if I had a moment while playing into the wee hours of the morning and threw it out (unlikely but possible) but I noticed that it was missing when someone invited me to join their game. I accepted, left my game, came into my mates and *poof* it was gone. Would like clarity as to if it was me or a glitch, but thems the breaks. For those interested, I had an extra bell, hip bone and mushroom, and it took me 40mins to get the other two items, now all I am short is cash to remake the hellish one, and obviously the cash I spent on the one I lost. Learning experience I guess. Frustrating, but not the end of the world.

Happened to my friend once. After we clear Whimsyshine, he said his staff of herding disappeared. Fortunately I had read similar posts before, so we went back to Whimsyshine and I found the staff on the ground.

Seriously, while it is lame that the staff is white, you cannot blame anyone except youself for dropping it on the ground. People nowadays complain everything. While constructive suggestive may help to improve things, blaming others for your own stupidity does not make sense, unless you believe people should treat you as if you are retarded.
I just spent my life savings on mint restored '68 Corvette and it just got stolen because I left it at the grocery store with the top down and the keys in the ignition! I'm going to sue the dealer if I don't get my car back!
Mine disappeared as well. I didn't drop a thing during the entire run through. Lame sauce.
mine too. completely gone today. Fix this crap Blizz
Am sad. Also lost mine

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