The DH cannot Hunt

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My DH has 485-604 resistance , 34285 HP , block chance 25.3% , dodge chance 30.7 % .
In act 3 solo, Normal (non elite ) mob just one shot or 1.5 shot to kill it When its "Shadow Power" is up (with rune -reduce damage by 65% for 3 sec ). What are the points of giving DH suck stats - Vitality , resistance, Armor ...etc ? If it had 1 hp with 0 resistance , Mobs would 1 shot it. Can it take 3 shots with 34285 HP , 600 resistance ?
Mobs run faster when it's kiting . Mobs have more abilities to CC it , pull it. What are DH 's abilities designed for ? because it takes 1 shot and die anyway . It doesn't have chance to use health potions .
Mobs come as group of 10 . If my DH is a hero with good gears( not super gears), it should be able to take down least 7 of them before being killed. So the game will be enjoyable , then You can call it a Demon Hunter Hero .
I was using this til i figured... pointless just going to stack dps and no life and go with smoke screen rofl

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