PVP Arenas for Twinkies?

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I'm the kind who loves,to twink alts at various levels and duel. You could do this in the previous versions of this game and many MMOs I've played since the '90s.

If we had tiered arenas, say for level 20, 40 and 60s, or even every 10 levels (seems kind of excessive), then we'd have more reason to collect rares/uniques and spend our gold/money on "projects". It would also be another reason to create a second character of the same class. In addition, it may get the crafter to be used more in producing goods at lower levels.

What do you think? And while I'm at it, where are the PVP forums?
Yes please. I like to do this too.

But I would like to also see some kind of match making system where the "skilled" or the "Twinked" play against the other skilled and twinked and not against random. Similar to leagues in SC2 or something like that.

Id hate to be all twinked out at 20 and play against people who just rolled their first character and want to pvp at 20 right away. The game is so gear dependent it just would not be fair or fun for that matter.
I've just been trying to find a way to make low level items and use the legendaries i've found. By the time PVP is released I'll already have at least 3 toons at 60. And been saving my least liked (Barb and DH) for that kind of a project.

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