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I don't play Hardcore. BUT I don't like what just happened to those who worked really hard to get where they were. Blizzard revive all those player who died around 11:50PM-12:30AM ((UTC -05:00) Eastern Time)

Anyone else believing that all those HC player deserve to have their toons revive, +1 this.

*XD so I can state this before ya'll go ever more crazy haha. There was a major Blizzard Server Spike that just "Boom, Headshot" hardcore players with a no scope :< they got no server warning it just happened."
You should start a Facebook petition also. Those always have a HUGE amount of success.
+1. Lost my 60 Monk to trash mobs :(
+1 only because it wasn't my fault
that wouldn't be very hardcore of them
QQ imo. I lost my HC too, but I am pretty sure those warnings were floating around since before launch
Won't happen
I could go either way, I sympathize because I play HC too, and was chilling in town when the lag hit.

/bra fist to my fallen brothers

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