Anyone know of some good Military Sci-fi

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I just got done reading the Star Carrier series last week. It was very good!

I just finished reading the new book in the Enderverse, where they are doing the first Formic war and Mazer Rackham is introduced. It was awesome!! It kept right with the Marvel comic release of the book with the same title. Highly recommended!

I read The Forever War a while ago and liked it =)

I haven't read any of the Warhammer or Halo books. I used to play the Warhammer 40k miniature game and liked it. I have never been a fan of fps games though, so I haven't tried any of the Halo books yet. I will pick one up and give it a try!

I have read every book in the Ender series and loved them! I had never heard of Caves of Steel until now. Wow that is an old book!

Those are some really good suggestions! Keep them coming! =D
There Will Be Dragons. and Anne McCarafee's Dragon-riders of Pern are some of my favorites. I also like Dune.
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Try John Scalzi. "Old Man's War" is the first of the series. Also Iain Banks. Not necessarily military but a lot of battles and mind blowing far future pan-galactic weirdness.

I love this book. I does have a spot or two that dissolves into a scientific lecture, but other wise awesome.
I watch Falling Skies and Walking Dead when they are on. I love those series!

I have read most of John Scalzi's books =)

I am a big fan of the Ender series! I have read all the books and comics that have come out so far.

I haven't read Orphanage. I will have to look it up and give it a try! Thanks =)

I have read the Man-Kzin series and really liked them. I've also read most of Larry Niven's works. I read a few of the Ringworld books and the CoDominium series. I am not a big fan of WH40k, although I did like the miniatures they made for the games. I loved to modify them for the miniature games I used to play. I do not like to read WoW or Starcraft books. Most books based off of games I don't care for with the exception of Shadowrun.

Thank you all for the responses!

Shadowrun made a great series of short books, but the game kinda sucked.
The Honor Harrington book are great as well as anything else writen by David Drake
Sounds like you've read a lot more of the genre than I have, but I didn't hear you say Starship Troopers. Have you read Starship Troopers? Seriously, consider reading Starship Troopers.

It's good.

This. Only this.
David weber's Honor Harrington series. There is about 15 good sized books in it? Has some exellent space battles in it.
Classic E.E. Doc. Smith The Lensmen. Sure they were written in the 40's and 50's. Doesn't stop them from being good :).
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The Honor Harrington book are great as well as anything else writen by David Drake

The safehold series by the same auther as honor harrington. He's a bit overdone in technical speak, but great stories nonetheless.
The Lost Fleet series
Bolo - really a military sci fi concept invented by Keith Laumer and adapted by a bunch of authors.
Hammer's Slammers
Warriors Wings series
I'd like to second Starship Troopers.
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I have been on a kick of reading military sci-fi for the last year or so and I have read a lot of the big series, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good ones to read. Don't be afraid to mention one of the big series as I might have missed it!
I have read all of the Bolo series, David Drakes Hammer's Slammers, the Starfire series, Confederation of Valor, Aldenata universe (Posleen war), Stellar Marine series (Heritage, Legacy and Inheritage trilogies), I am currently reading the Tour of the Merrimack series, Dahak series, Empire of Man, Lost Fleet, The Vorkosigan Saga (I'm reading Cryoburn right now), the Old Mans War and a bunch of others that I can't think of right off the top of my head.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I was about to recommend the Bolo series, but I see you've already mentioned it!

I'll be taking down some of your own suggestions as reading material as well. ;) Which have been some of your favorites?
i highly recommend the Star Wars Republic Commando series by Karen Traviss, or anything by her, really, particularly also her Gears of War novels. They are clever, pragmatic, and there's this powerful character insights that she writes in her third-person style narrative :)
I would suggest adding:

the Honor Harrington series David Webber

Oblique Approach David Drake

Battletech/MechWarrior( some are hit or miss) various authors

the alternate histories by Harry Turttledove (not traditional military since fiction, but still really good)
Anything by Black Library...especially the Horus Heresy series
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In the case of Starship Troopers if you didn't care for the film don't let that stop you, as I recall the book was quite a bit different...
The movie was written by people who found Heinlein's political proposal odious. They're essentially parodying the book. Note that the politics in the book are not obtrusive. It's a classic "what if" the world was this way. He focuses more on the consequences than the system.

Some recommendations:

The Eternity Brigade by Stephen Goldin
Armor by John Steakley
Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper
Berserker series by Fred Saberhagen

Seconding others:

David Weber -- practically anything he wrote.
Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet
Starship Troopers
E. E. "Doc" Smith
Hyperion and Endymion, they both have some nice Military oriented chapters + it's one of the best sci fi Ive read

...but like someone said, Ender's game is the obvious choice
Thanks for the Caves of Steel recommendation! Reading that now and thoroughly enjoying it,
I loved Ender's Game
Try the Honor Harrington series, set in a future space war.

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