Diablo® III Players Banned

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06/12/2012 07:07 AMPosted by Seraphi
Will this automatically pull all their 40+ million gold auctions down as well?

You realize that not everyone selling things for 40 million gold, got them by exploiting, right?

Welcome to the free market. If people weren't paying that much gold for them, people wouldn't be selling them for that much.

Sure, but enough of them have done it to completely destroy the value of gold.
Yay thanks this is awesome!

Can we please have a rollback for everyone as well? It would fix the economy after those exploiters put a giant scar in it.
Thank you for the update. :)
Good news.
Does this mean they admit the duping was real?
nice good job hope this makes legit player want to play !
Kripp , Pharmosh , you guys ok?
Good job!
Awesome news!
*High five Blizz*
Finally, Good Move!!!
Can we get a rough estimate on the number of bans please?
Thank you Blizzard!!
there needs to be "several hundred thousand" more to be banned. but thumbs up to the bans.
Thankee much Blizzard!
now this is good news.

Now reset everything?
Fix your servers.

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