Streaming WD Whimsy 350% MF Runs w Commentary

Witch Doctor
ABF people!
Great personalities, always energetic and if you pay attention some pretty solid play and intuitive kiting ability(alternates soul harvest snare with grasp/fear really well). Find the visual of the stream most entertaining when hes solo(definitely more efficient duo'ed with these classes though), but the audio is always good, entertaining dudes.
Awesome man, thanks for the good words. Enjoy the show! ABF ABF ABF!
Sorry for the lag, its on Twitch's end any is only effecting a few people. To see items on the ground hover over the item and hold down ctrl.
Sweet, thanks!

Sweet, thanks!

Haloth is BACK! ABF People. First run down, two legendaries!
ABF - Stream is EARLY!
20 hour stream session down! Haloth is back! Another 8 hours stream session to begin!
Haloth and RoamerKill are back for 1.0.5!!! Its farm central time. #ABF
Haloth steaming ponies again! What?! Little nostalgic!


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