There was a hotfix

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1. Log into your account
2. You join general chat
3. Leave general chat and log out
4. Log back in, and you don't join general chat anymore

This was a feature that was supposed to be implemented in a future patch with the future being anytime after 15 hours ago when it was posted.

This is the quote:
"In a future patch, we will be adding functionality so that if you leave General chat once, the game will remember this preference and not automatically re-join that channel whenever you next log in."

So if nothing was hotfixed, then how is this feature in the game already?
Stop trying to cover up everything you screw up and be accountable to the millions of players that spent their money on your game. This is my first blizzard game, and it will be my last. This company is a joke.
we all know there was a hotfix and was a ah reverse clock glitch.

The only people denying it are most likely people who are casual players; blizz fan boys and girls :p, or people who spend 75%+ time on the forums.
This is 100% correct.
good catch
I noticed this as well. Bump for truth.
06/12/2012 01:59 AMPosted by PROTOSS
!@#$ YOU

My life for blizzard!
So at midnight last night Blizzard HQ was on red alert with a huge game breaking duping exploit that needed to be hotfixed immediately.................and they decided to slide a stupid general chat change in with it?

So THAT'S what those huge lag spikes have been these past 2 days. I guess it was quick enough that they figured it wouldn't hurt to sneak it in there, rather then take down the entire servers for 10 min or so.
I noticed this a few hours earler, one second while I pull my stream up from when I killed belial for the first time and mentioned it in chat.
he nailed it

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