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I know that there are threads about this, but they're all dated approximately within a week of release. I want to start this thread to notify that there's still an issue here.

All of today, I've been getting booted. I have made twenty attempts to do a full NV boss run, and not a single one has come to fruition. I would get booted with about 3 to 5 NV.

I never lose internet connection when this happens. The drop is simply from the game. I'm still online, and can do things online.

I am always actively fighting on the field. I'm never idle. In fact, I don't think a single one of those boots happened in town (but that's just a statistical result; I spend over 95% of my time out of town).

This is a serious issue. I cannot do what was intended for the game, which is stack NV and kill things with a full stack. Even though I've been trying to do this all day, I think the longest time I was ever able to play with a full stack was about 10 minutes. That's when I was lucky.

EDIT: Refer to post #7 for the measures I've taken.
Agreed, will not stop making my presence felt until this is fixed by blizzard on the forums.

Yes. I'm still having the same issues as you. Never have internet problems and sometimes I can go an hour or two before it happens, but there are a ton of instances where I am constantly losing my stack and not making it to a boss fight before I've been kicked 5-10 times in a row. The whole notion that this has to do with some firewall setting on my end seems a little weak as I've never had DC problems with any of the other online games I have played, but I'm no genius when it comes to networking so who knows.
Also experiencing this, have been booted twice in a row with Error 3007.
It's been three days for me now, and I have the same issue. I don't understand it... the game works flawlessly right up until the drop: no latency issues, no graphical lag, nothing. Just drops me once I'm about to finish a siegebreaker run.
Ditto here as well. Usually I get stuck at the "Authenticating Credentials" after attempting to log in. More often than not, I get booted with Error 3007.
It has now been about three days for me. (I know that will seem inconsistent with my OP, but in fact, it was about a day and a half when I made that post.)

I have tried the following:

-Changed my router transmission channel several times

-Stayed on a chat channel (before I used to always leave it, but now I hear it makes your connection more stable)

-Set DMZ on my PC

-Port forwarded my IP to the D3 US server

-Disabled my antivirus program

-Play with absolutely no other internet connection application on

I am running out of options. This has started recently for me, and nothing about my internet connection has really gotten any worse. I know there's no actual concrete way for me to determine that it's on my side and not Blizzard's, but I still really don't think this is the case.

To clarify, usually what happens is a box pops up saying "You have been removed from the game." I'm then sent to the main menu. Sometimes I get the "Error 3007" message afterwards, and sometimes I get nothing and can do whatever I want on the main menu.
Is this problem going to get addressed? I'm curious because right now the game isn't very playable or fun for me. It was fun for the three weeks it was out, right up until this started. If this doesn't get addressed, I'm afraid I won't be able to play the game anymore, which I would really hate, because I love this game.
yeah I'm having the same issue when is blizzard going to fix this
I was hoping 1.0.3 would fix this. Unfortunately it hasn't.
Just point this error has started hitting me this morning after what I can only imagine was an automatic update, now I'm stuck doing a ground hog day act every five minutes. To the boffins at Blizzard you made a great story and game play. Unfortunately its the stupid intenet based structure that is dragging it down, with the error 3003, 3007, 37 and christ knows how many others. I mean SERIOUSLY I am getting kicked off a server every five minutes when all I want to do is play my single player game.
This is really sad. I can not enjoy a game that I have paid for. Error 3007 has been with me since day 1 of d3 release. Now it has got to the point of being kicked from server and not being able to log back in. I have no firewall or anti virus bs on when playing this game.
Blizzard patch madness group should actually apply the patch to a local machine and test it before applying globally. That concept maybe foreign to a company that profits millions a month in wow access fees. I believe no one really gives a !@#$.
oh my god this is bad man. built this computer just for this game and got to level 5 last night. today i get this error every 5 seconds. i feel like a junkie who just found out the only supplier for his drug had an epic fail on his internet server and is screwing who knows how many billion people right now....tell this monkey to shut the &^%$ up maaaan
So why can't these problems just get fixed, I am tired of being in the middle of a hoard of demons and getting the error. I don't have a connection issue, I just want to be able to play. Even playing on Single Player connecting to the internet and playing the game and getting disconnected which is ridiculous.
I've played a total of 8 hours since the games came out I went as far !@# to sell my copy of the game to a friend.. This is the last Blizzard Title I ever buy.
I'm getting the same issue. COME ON BLIZZ!
same here
booted off twice with 4 valor...
Any solutions?
same thing is happening to me. i can still access the interent. but when it comes to logging on i just get error 3007. OR i log in and get 5mins of play time before it drops me again. why did i pay $100 for a game i cant evplay when i want to? great way to screw the customer blizzard. why is the game only online? if single player was off line there would be NO connection or down server problems, just saying. you screwed up there... :C

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