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Anyone else getting this error? I'm trying to post a 2h Bow on the RMAH and it keeps throwing it back into my completed auctions section with an error code 32124. If anyone knows what this is let me know. I would like to put some useful items up on the RMAH.
Im getting this as well. I receive my SMS code, put it in, hit okay, and nothing happens. I hit okay one or two more times, then receive the failed auction message with error 32124.
For some reason after relentlessly trying to post the item, it suddenly just posted up on the RMAH without even confirming through SMS. Strange...
Same problem here. Sometimes it won't even send a code. Too many people using it at once maybe?
Probably server overload. I am getting the same problem.
That's what I am guessing too...kinda glad I'm not the only one
Same problem here.
You're lucky. The code isn't even getting to my phone!
I am having issues with getting codes as well.
I am having same issue....this really getting dissapointing, first takes them month to bring out real money auction and then cannot even use it.
I just tried it again and it let me sell both items I previously tired without needing a code at all. Did they turn the SMS codes off for now?
I also am using paypal + SMS and getting this error after inputing code sent to my phone
I'm still getting a code, entering 3 times, and failed.
I just tried a third item and let me list that without a code, too. Logged out, logged back in, tried a fouth item, still no code required. I hope my stuff is actually being listed and not getting stuck in limbo somewhere. :|
I assume you only need to enter the code once (per day, maybe...?) to verify. I don't think the plan is to need a code for each listing. I finally got my code to be accepted, and no longer have to enter one.
There's a fix on the first page of general right now. Log into your Bnet account, and basically reset your SMS messaging. Mine actually was defaulted back to being "disabled", even though I was getting messages anyway. Simply re-confirmed and enabled, and a paypal posting worked immediately.
Everyone just try and be patient, this is the first time any company has attempted to incorporate a real money system into the game. As a result of this, you can definitely expect a few starter glitches, but in time i'm sure they will be resolved.
AFter all thie crap with the error now my account has been locked for suspicious activity i have a authenticator and sms protect how are they just gonna lock me out
"Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. A message has been sent to this account’s email address containing details on how to resolve this issue. Visit for more information."

Yep, after trying to list my item for a few times and getting error 32124, my account got locked. Heh.

I use paypal and SMS protection from bliz or whatever. Same problem as everyone else. Receive the code for the transaction to post my item up for sale but wouldn't go through.

No e-mail from bliz as of yet...

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