"Do not fail me Rakanoth,..."

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06/16/2012 08:44 AMPosted by Catnine
Do the spawn of Hell even have the capacity to be intimidated by that kind of a threat? Wouldn't they do their best to kill the hero regardless of Diablo's threats? I can see how terrorizing cowardly minions like imps would be a useful strategy, but most of the hellspawn don't appear to have any emotional hesitation when it comes to doing what they were meant to do.

Rakanoth is Andariel's Lieutenant. He might not have quite as much loyalty to Diablo, even as the Prime Evil.

Either that or, lets face it, Diablo is the Lord of Terror. He's going to want everyone around his crapping their pants about something.
06/16/2012 07:04 AMPosted by Vraan

That doesn't make a story bad.
Tragedy makes good stories.

You omitted the important part.
A story of complete failure is bad when "the princess is in another castle" moments are thrown in at each failure.

Actually no.
I omitted the part where is fundamentally based on your opinion.

The story is about a chase, if he got the Wanderer after he got out of the rogue enc. that would suck a lot. The same would apply to any other story about chases. In Hawaii 5-0, if the protagonist got the guy responsible for his family murder right on the first episode, why get another?
You are basing your arguments in fallacies.

[qoute]In Act 1, you slay Andariel...but oops, you just missed the Dark Wanderer. Try again!
In Act 2, you slay Duriel...but dang it all, you just missed the Dark Wanderer again. Oh, and Baal's free, too. He's not here, either.
In Act 3, you slay Mephisto...and surprise, surprise, you missed the Dark Wanderer for a third time. By the way, he's Diablo now and he's rallying Hell's army.
In Act 4, you finally catch up to Diablo...but you forgot about Baal! He's way over there, now. Go get him![/quote]
You didn't 'forgot' about Baal. Again, you're trying to make the story look bad, so obviously you will if you try enough.

In Act 5, you catch up to Baal...after he accomplished everything he set out to do. Sure, you kill him...but he apparently corrupted the World Stone anyway. You were just a little too late. You know all of that running around and fighting you did? Yeah, it was pretty much for nothing, because now the World Stone needs to be destroyed. Not quite sure what that'll do, but let's find out!

Romeo and Juliet?

Tragedy can, in fact, make for fantastic stories.
Diablo 2, however, is not a tragedy. It's a story filled with lame, "oh, you just missed him!" moments...right up through the end of the game. When you throw in elements such as the Horadric Staff, which was ultimately one gigantic fetch-quest that comprised the majority of an act, the "you just missed him" moments become even more ridiculous.

The Graal made a very c00l story, by the way.
You're pouring your 'logic' onto your pure opinion and trying to make that sound like it matters; c'mon, if you don't like it is one thing, saying that is bad because you prefer the game story to be 10 minutes long is another thing.

Say what you will about Diablo 3's story...but don't look back to it's predecessors as if they're any better.

That's the funniest part of your post...
I never said anything about Diablo 3's story. See how bad your logic is?
I didn't even said anything before this post about how the predecessors are better! You're putting the horses before the chariot. Think of whom are you addressing to before you talk, or else you'll just look like a fool.
06/17/2012 01:45 AMPosted by LucaBlight
Wow does this Melyria ever s t f u? I been browsing Story forums for 5 mins and every thread is plagued by her posts of disagreement. Wtf

I enjoy debate, I work a night shift and I post here because I want to. The forum moves exceptionally slow, by that I mean any given topic will get maybe 5 posts in a day unless there is a debate happening, and very few topics are created daily.

If this forum was more active, it wouldn't seem like I'm posting as much.
No. He threatens Rakanoth with Iskatu's fate specifically, which was death by the hero.

But Diablo also mentions "my brothers", and the hero only defeated Belial and Azmodan.

Admittedly, it's still a confusing line, since Diablo's brothers aren't really dead...their bodies are destroyed, but their souls are all trapped within Leah. So it sounds like the Prime Evil is telling Rakanoth he's going to absorb him as well, which isn't much of a threat.

"Rakanoth, do not fail me, or you will become part of the strongest demon in history!"
"Um...really? Sweet deals!"
"Rakanoth, do not fail me, or you will become part of the strongest demon in history!"
"Um...really? Sweet deals!"

I don't think most want to sacrifice their individuality and freedom just to do that. Else the Prime Evil would've risen long ago.
06/13/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Zeratul
It means even if he manages to survive being beaten, Diablo is going to kill him. Rakanoth was dead either way, unless he won.

I like how this Melyria troll is just running from post to post defending Blizzard at all costs. Another typical fanboy who isn't getting paid to be their PR Rep but acts like it and secretly imagines that they care.

The story sucks, and you do too for trying desperately and breathlessly to defend it at every angle.

Its like a staunch Republican trying to come up to me now, in 2012, and try to convince me (an Iraq veteran) that the Iraq war was justified and that Bush was a visionary for going in there. Not only do I know better (like the playerbase does here with D3), but he comes across as a try hard schmuck (you)
It may have been mentioned, but since Angels respawn in that angelic super place, demons probably have a similar system.

In this case, you can probably assume that Diablo is promising an eternity of torment for them as soon as they're reborn in Hell.

Which isn't stretching it too far I'd guess.

The presentation still sucks though.
you guys forgot the part where Diablo said "you will meet the same fate as Iskatu and my brothers"

the brothers part implies that Diablo will absorb Rakanoth and Rakanoth ceases to be :P

i think thats a fate worse than hell for demons who live in hell i guess
Ok, we need to stop this hate !@#$. We don't need a "Take back Diablo" movement.

And Melyria has a point. Just because someone threatens you with death doesn't necessarily mean the same cause of death. Unless if it's their "trademark kill" (for example, a person that keeps killing people by shoving grenades down their throat.)
Rakanoth, do not lose this fight to the death with this hero, or you will die. Very astute.
I think we have to make some assumptions that the prime evil of hell would have some effect on the dead, post death.
Posted by Taraknis
Your own character shows a blatant lack of fear,

To be fair, the same is held true for the heroes of D1 and D2.

In D1 and D2 you go because you feel you have to. And in some sense because no one else seems to be able to, but you somehow manage to get the job done against the odds. It's almost like a wager with life, "Let's just see how far i can get before i bite it. I may even be able to finish this, wouldn't that be a surprise". At least that's the feeling i got. And the fact that the Primes did not know I was coming helped a lot.

In D3 they can't really stop telling you how crazy OP you are. Wow you opened the temple... how strong. Wow you are stronger than our strongest champions. You are hmmm we need a new word, stronglier. Then comes Zoltun Kulle and he adds on that strength and going into ridiculous some more we could reach words like stronglierest... Throughout D3 i felt like a german Panzer tank and all the baddies were the polish cavalry charging at me with swords. And i am not talking about difficulty or game mechanics, just story wise.
Do not fail me Rakanoth, or when i destroy heaven and you come back from the abyss i will come for YOU.

hero came after brothers and all those other guys, it signifys diablo would do the same.

i now spellin bad purpuslee in fhis senthense.
Do not fail me Rakanoth, or when i destroy heaven and you come back from the abyss i will come for YOU.

hero came after brothers and all those other guys, it signifys diablo would do the same.

i now spellin bad purpuslee in fhis senthense.

Diablo either shouldn't have referenced the fate of Iskatu, or should have, you know, actually done something to Iskatu when you killed him.

Either one would have fixed this dialogue, the fact that neither happened serves to highlight the lack of quality in this storytelling.
agree with first suggestion binary said, yet another dialog blizzard problem.

can be fixed!

second is a little far fetched, best diablo could do is take his soul from midair and rend it to pieces!

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