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Any updates on this issue? I never got this before the 1.02c patch but now I'm getting 3007'd every 5-10 mins. Besides 1.02c the only diff is that I'm now using authenticator because I can't access RMAH without it. I've already tried all the suggestions from the sticky but none work.

I've been trying for over an hour to get past 2 NV stacks for single player butcher run and its very, very annoying getting disconnected all the time
Well Blizzard has no option it seems they ignore this issue that thousands have and we post and post with no response. The fixes listed don't work and the "general" channel is a joke it doesn't either.

Disconnects b4 5 minutes all the time since patch 1.02b and c
Version getting erro 3007 when login? Any fix on this?
Never had this error before, Latest update and error 3007 and I cant even login all but ended my D3 gaming. Tried all the troubleshooting recommended by Blizzard - add PC to DMZ, Port Forwarding, Firewall rules, flush DNZ, etc, still no connection! Never had any trouble before the latest patch and I can connect to the Asian servers fine! It must be a blizzard issue!!! Very FRUSTRATING!!!!
same here, after the patched or the system mantainance, I kept having this error 3007 and couldn't log in for 2 days since 11/12. I am very sure it's not my connection, but the server issue. I tried to login in the Asia server, no problem, but the America server keeps showing error 3007 and can't login at all.
i had same situation.after the, i have been rejected till now by battle.net , keep showing the time out Error 3007 issue. i am really sick of this, and those eternal patchs and unstoppable server maintenance.
I have not been able to play Diablo for the past few days because of error 3007. It appears to be a serious (and growing) problem ... why isn't Blizzard fixing it???!?!
I hear ya, I have not been able to log in for days now, really pissed at blizz, lousy support, think I'll cancel my WoW subscription
Error 3007 after 12/11 update.
Can I show my angry on this? I bought this game only 2 weeks before, if you Blizzard cannot let me play this game, please give my money back firstly.
This is ridiculous. Ever since I updated with the latest patch this error comes up, and yet I can log into both the Asian and European servers just fine. This is not the first time that it has become impossible to log in because of a patch update. Its just stupid. Blizzard needs to get their !@#$ together.

Did you check the sticky posts above? There's been one with a workaround to the 3007 issue for Aus/NZ users since Tuesday.


And another where we were collecting information for our network engineers to help resolve the issue since yesterday.

- Tried the DNS update fixes, unfortunately to no avail.
- tried the flushdns, powercycling, different wireless booster, even hardwired in a cable to skip wireless (which was never an issues before v1.5 etc patches) & still no difference.

Still get 3005, 3006 & 3007 errors over & over.

IF i get in, Auction search doesnt work, often even my char details dont populate.

IF i get into a game, within 5mins the fight freezes & i simply run around on my own...great.

FYI - I'm with Iinet in Perth W.Australia....the game (which i love) is currently useless & unplayable.

I can play other (non Battle.net) games without issue (Space Marine etc etc).
I'm getting this issue now too. I can't play WoW either. :(
Since 1.0.7 update I started getting this, it was like a festering disease. First I got it a couple times a week wasn't a big deal, now its grown and I can't even play the game...

Powercycled, ported router, disabled firewall/AVG etc... Still nothing, starcraft 2 works completely fine and my internet works fine as well. Has to be blizzard, I just dont understand there the richest gaming company in the world yet there network engineers are stumbled by a problem that I've experienced from other cheap games.
blizzard this is getting anoying after last pacth i got error 3007 i have try reset my router and anything there is nothing wrong with my connection

work harder and get this issue fixed asap
blizzard this is getting anoying after last pacth i got error 3007 i have try reset my router and anything there is nothing wrong with my connection

work harder and get this issue fixed asap

did it work after u restart ur router / internet connection?

because im getting this error now, sometimes there's no such error but most right now 10 attempts and i still cant login

can someone help?

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