Server Shutdown?

Technical Support
When exactly are you guys going to post this on service status? you guys just sicken me....just when I finally start enjoying myself in inferno act1 with a nice farming spot you spring another bullshi shutdown.
This is getting beyond a damn joke now, surely more than 1 person at activision has the brains to post a status message?
I'm going to have to agree with this, What was the point of taking the game offline Yesterday for what 6hours? only to take it down yet again today?
Because they are complete idiots like i said yesterday out of a 7 day week you get to play 3/4 days at and thats it either there is a god damn error or the server is under going maintenance. Why can't we just play the bloody game its beyond a joke now!

How long is it going to be down for today? Every single time i finish work at 1pm the server goes down and i don't get to play! Bet it's down for 10 hours or something to patch how the Barbarians underpants look instead of sorting out real errors!
yeah i bought the game to enjoy myself and all i am getting is, problem shooting after a patch comes out because they game won't load or the servers are never up. How is a game meant to be played when it is hardly online?

How long is it down for?
I remember seeing a discussion of someone mentioning that D3 goes down for maintenance all the time. He ended up getting trolled and flamed through out his tread...
Ignorant people calling him an idiot, and blizzard only maintenance on Tuesdays.

Well... here's the evidence. :P Unannounced server shutdown with no information about what exactly they are doing. At the least announce a hour or so before, instead of just slapping in a 15minute server shutdown.
also like to know this
Also I am quite confused why they have this titled as a "scheduled maintenance" on the breaking news instead of a "spontaneous! maintenance" =]
What the point spending 60$ for a game I cannot play when I want to?
!@#$ing *#**head. u guys have a %^-*ing maintenance daily. cant you guys do everything in one !@#$ing shot.
well, i got off work, saw the message, figured i would have an hour to play this game, but the bugs they introduced yesterday made it so i could not even log in past the authenticator. i figure today they have more bugs to help fix the bugs from yesterday and give me some other reason to not play tomorrow.
daily maintenance in the same time period
well, blizz pls give my money back as you fail hard
Bet they !@#$ed up the RMAH.

Activision needs to get over there and ask wtf is going on..
Blizzard in game post.

:Breaking news:

We will be performing maintenance on June 13, at 6 a.m. bla bla...
Well here's a BREAKING NEWS for Blizzard. It's JUNE 14!!! NOW!! Where's warning for that?? Where's a sinlge NOTICE about that. Just in the middle of a game I get. HEY HEY HEY We are going for shutdown in 15.
Well, they did post a notice for scheduled maintenance today at 11pm PDT
That said.... It's not yet 10pm PDT and servers are down.

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