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As the game goes on, more players will find more items, increasing the available supply on the RMAH.
As the supply for the RMAH goes up, the price on goods will go down.
As prices of goods fall, more people are encouraged to make transactions. In the case the good has gone down to a minimal, say, $1.25, and many more people are willing to spend this amount for an item, Blizzard makes 15% - $0.19 - plus the $1 fee per item. The $1 fee is insignificant compared to large purchases, but when the market calms down and prices settle as given in my example, and people begin buying a lot more items, the $1 fee will be the primary income for Blizzard from the RMAH.

In order for Blizzard to make $15 per user per month, each user would have to buy one very affordable item every two days.

Add this to the fact that D3 will not need as much maintenance and new content as WoW. Even if the number of very affordable item purchases drops by, say, a half, Blizzard still gets $7.50 per person per month (still not counting the 15% tax) as great profit. 6 million users reported to have bought. If we do yet another assumption and say that only 1 of every 6 players actually buys (on average) this often, then you've got 1,000,000 players multiplied by $7.50 income per month. Subtract from that the much smaller amount of money it costs to maintain the game and services. Bank!

Last thing to note is that it is obvious that you make more money by selling your items for Gold and not for Dollars. Gold sales incur 15% tax. Dollar sales incur 15% tax + $1, which is especially significant when selling multiple cheap items. So, it is better to sell many cheap items for gold, and when you want dollars, to make bulk transactions so that you pay the $1 fee only once.

Play it smart my friends. Activision spend more time figuring out how to make money than how to make a truly ground-breaking game which lives up to the standards of its prequel, which D3 does not, and by far. It is an excellent money-making scheme though! Just like WoW.

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