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hey guys,

so I got a steel series diablo 3 mouse and installed the steel series engine drivers and updated firmware, and found that my first mouse I got died... Clicks worked fine and but movement wasn't detected. Before the movement stopped working the mouse drivers were also crashing my mac. Computer wouldn't shutdown properly, nor would it turn on when the mouse was plugged in with the steel series drivers installed.

Anyway took that mouse back to the store and now got a replacement D3 mouse. My macbook crashes with the drivers installed. I can't shutdown my macbook pro properly - It hangs. When I turn the computer on while the mouse is plugged in, it just hangs on a black screen.
The drivers are causing all kinds of anomaly behaviour.

it doesn't matter how many times I remove and reinstall the drivers I still have the exact same problem.

I want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same problems as me? This mouse is rubbish on the mac without the steel series drivers, yet I am not able to use the drivers because it literally kills my macbook?

Whats the deal?

no one have a razer mouse doing this same issue?
I have used a Death Adder, Lachesis, and Salmosa. Everything other than the Salmosa started having problems a few months ago...I had to delete the Razer drivers and another driver (i think it was USB Overdrive). I really liked all the Razer products (was heavy into to WoW at the time)...now the Salmosa (a simple 3-button mouse) is my primary mouse it works perfect for Diablo 3! I also plug it into one of the computer ports or a powered port, instead of chained to the keyboard.
Thanks for the reply Avantgarde, Seen as though no one else seems to be having this issue - I've submitted a ticket to Steel Series.

I'll update here once I get a result.
i have an rat 7 mouse it works fine untill i play diablo 3 then the cursor wont work
I have a diablo 3 mouse, and i love it.. only problem is - when i have had the mouse plugged in, the volume buttons, lights up/down and all the other mac buttons (the topmost buttons) wont work.. some of them change from one desktop to another, and others just don't do anything..:/

when i restart my mac, they are back to normal.. but i would like to know what to do?.. hope someone out there knows what to do..:)
Quit buying mac.

What do you expect from an "idiot-proof" computer, besides it obviously being a glorified console?
I have the same issue. My mac won't detect the mouse and it won't restart properly when i install the drivers and the mouse software. I wrote to the mouse company and the guy told me to plug the mouse in a PC and reset the drivers from the PC (downloading PC drivers).

Then plug it back in mac and it should work again.

That fool thinks we have both platforms.

That Diablo 3 mouse is crap.
had the same mouse bought it about 3.5 weeks ago, just died tonight after loading up diablo3 I got the usb device beep beep noise, and mouse wouldnt work, its totally dead I"m running it on a pc. even the cheap $10 mice I've bought have lasted 10x longer lol. the store where I bought it was out of them so tomorrow its an hour drive to exchange it, any other mouse and I'd say forget it but I really love the style of the steel series... just hope my first was a dud and the replacement will last a year or 3! for the price it better!
I use Imperator and i have no problems with Mac products and playing D3 on Pc. Everything is fine even the key mods. This is my second imperator, my last one lasted a bit less than 2 years but i regularly unplug it and use it on different devices. Besides that i have no exp with the other products.
Just bought the same mouse yesterday anda had the same issue withe the keyboard;
what i did to solve was disabling the engine to start automatically with the OSX and rebooted;
the volume and lights keys are working fine now, but the mouse macros not anymore.

It's just a simple mouse now. It isn't worth the price. at least not for macbook users; =(
hey i had the same problem at first, it seems the only thing you need to do is download the newest driver at steel series.com then after you install it a little window pops and there´s a red box u click it and it updates your firmware, and thats it no more reboots or any type of issue with the volume,brightness controllers , did it in less than 5 mins.
hope it helps.
i have almost the same problem, at first the mouse worked fine, but eventually made mi mac blocked or even restart, now i cant even plug it, cause automatically blocks it, i have to unplugged so the mac can restart; i ve already downloaded steelseries newest driver and all and it just doesnt work.

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