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06/12/2012 07:04 PMPosted by Lazric
It's roughly 10 games every 10 minutes. please stop complaining.

WOOP! There we go, everybody needs to see this!
Okay so went and did the tedious job of testing the limit.

I created a game, immediately left game, switched quest and then started the game apprx. 10X in less than 1 minute until I received the error message. SO, it is certainly possible for a non-bot human player to hit the limit.

The only question now is how long the time frame lasts. I have a hard time seeing someone farm an area 10X in less than 5min, but within 30min sounds perfectly reasonable. I just hope Blizzard tried to make the window as small as possible to have human players unaffected under reasonable circumstances.

BTW, they probs won't actually say what the limit is unless they just want to give boters an easy time of changing their scripts accordingly.

Upvoting this post for being informative and seeking to find answers amidst all the shouting and yelling.
i brought the game i should be able 2 play it how i want.....i want my money back

This change was made to help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability, and we'll continue to monitor the situation and make additional improvements as necessary.

Yeah, that's why you're adding a limit.
6.5 million copies sold. 30% from the more servers. Simple stop trying to juice us for more cash and limit us at the same time.

15% the other 15 goes to pay pal if you opt to have your money moved there...

blizz also gets a dollar so total - 1 - 15% is blizzards take... should really read those blue posts...
I approve of this change. Anyone that doesn't was exploiting it.
I appreciate the quick response. Any plan in motion to include a counter of some type so players can monitor/maintain their amount of games allowed. I assume it would be similar to WoW dungeon resetting?

While I'm not sure about a game counter, we will be updating the message players receive when they experience the limit to be way more descriptive. We also haven't communicated the actual limit at this time because we're still working to adjust it. Our goal (as noted in the main post) isn't to arbitrarily penalize players who are playing normally, but to help curb the more rapid game creation we've seen that can really impact performance. That will take some iteration.

We may provide an update in the future with more precise numbers once we've reached a good balance, but we'd like to fine tune the current limit a bit more before we do that (simply because it isn't yet set in stone at this point). We know that information is valuable to you.
Highly Rated
"Hey guys, Diablo is all about farming gear.

Except if you use skills that we think are too good. Then we'll nerf them.

Except if you farm areas that are too productive. Then we'll nerf them.

Except if you stack stats that we think are too good. Then we'll nerf them.

Except if you want to farm bosses. We'll nerf them too.

Oh, and except if you make too many games in a short amount of time. We'll take care of that too.

But have fun with the RMA-- I mean, have fun farming gear."

^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like the change.

I don't like the blues clues crap we had to do to find out what was really going on.

I REALLY don't like that a majority of the changes since launch have been taking away things.

And for God's sake, if you acknowledge a part of your game needs to be fixed, don't take away what people are doing until you fix it. There are a lot of letters left in the alphabet before we get to 1.02z. 1.03 could be ages away. I am at a brick wall with two chars, not really making any gold, and really having a hard time figuring out why I still check these forums or launch the game.
06/12/2012 07:02 PMPosted by Warchild
So its ok to ruin game server performance to a level of impacting a huge percentage of the playerbase as long as you aren't automating it?

Get the !@#$ out of here dude I can't believe you're really trying to justify this bull%^-*. The only ones impacting the server performance is Blizzard® by not having servers capable of handling millions of people playing the game the way they choose. Also Offline play.
Correct me if I am wrong but isn't this game all about farming. I mean after all, you did make inferno nearly impossible and my only solution to nearly impossible, is to farm my !@# off until I get the appropriate gear to complete inferno. Way to go. Really messed up in my opinion. Don't make a farming video game if you cannot support the farming needed to beat the game and achieve what we need to doing so. Don't plan on waiting on 15 minute timers, I call BS.
I don't even know what to think. The changes up until now I've been able to bear, but this directly effects the players who are legitimately trying to just play the game.

This will not stop bots. A bot is automated they could easily write a single line of code that pauses the bot for a period of time. But guess what? They are STILL botting.

What does this even prevent? Dank cellar? Pots? Goblins? I don't EVEN farm those. Stop punishing the regular players.

Blizzard, I am trying to keep the faith here but this is too much. You have to revert this change.
06/12/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Melzas
Translation: Play the game the Blizzard approved way only or GTFO.

Unless a game supports modding, this is what all devs expect. How odd that people are getting so upset at Blizzard for it.
this is ridiculous i cant even do goblin runs without getting this stupid error what a bad update gg...
I don't believe this.

How can you do this Blizzard, it's not a MMO for god sake. This is becoming ridiculous and you guys are a bunch of !@#$s. I can't believe you are now CRIPPLING ME PLAYING MY GAME IN SOLO MODE HOW I WANT TO PLAY IT.

This is an utter joke and I just can't see how this is fair. You are treating everyone like botters now?

Ban the bots, do whatever to bust the cheaters, but you guys have screwed the Diablo series with this crap. I hope you are happy with what you are doing to a game that so many people have been attached to since the original release.


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