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06/12/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Mâximus
Any reason why blizz felt the need to exclude this "feature" in the patch notes?

It was an independent change made outside of patch 1.0.2c.
Really.. this gets worse and worse, back to single player games that are actually worth it :/
(Yes Diablo 3 is a single player game with coop mode that forces people to be online)
The limit idea is just dumb, honestly this is one of the worst game I've played. Maybe I should try Tera. We can't join games and leave because of crappy players. You re adding restrictions instead of trying to fix what is broken. You implemented this restriction before nerfing act 2/3/4. I see where Blizzard priority is now. Good way to make people more mad and rage to make them quit or to force them to RMAH.

Also, you forcing people to stay online more by nerfing the drop on boss. Sometimes we don't have enough time to keep playing more and more. So you are hurting people who can't keep going after bosses.
Blizzard is just implementing a bunch of stupid restrictions to prevent players from farming. They have been doing it from Day 1.

I wonder how long before more players get fed up and quit.
Has anyone complaining actually received the error during routine play?
Thanks, for stopping me from playing the game that I paid you for. I really tried to defend you to my friends about why it was okay that we had to log in to central servers to play together, but I can't defend you anymore if you keep this policy going. Now you are actually preventing me from playing the game.

This is so frustrating to me when I really enjoy the game so much and have been playing 40+ hours a week since release.
RMAH the last big error I don't feel like playing anymore...

Back to dota 2 pure skill !

delusion is funny.
It feels like yet another nerf that punishes legit players to me.

I wish I could play this game without being forced to be online.

Not to mention this is the fastest selling pc game of all time.... NO EXCUSE for the terrible servers you guys have
I find it funny that a lot of posts about this earlier today were deleted, and then a representative said he was "Unable to re-create this and the servers must be busy".

You still haven't said anything about the stealth changes to wizards hydras.

Oh wait, you already made your money on this game though and all the people out there with more money than they know what to do with are going to use your auction house and make you MORE money.

Thanks for putting THAT in before fixing the game up for the rest of us.

GG Activision coming in and ruining everything, imo.
lol no more iskatu runs, w/e doesn't affect me. Whiners are welcome I guess cause this won't affect 99% of the gameplay, mostly just Iskatu runs. (which I used to do about 1 minute per)

Either way, they had this in D2 and the punishment was a lot more harsh for it, so quite whining kiddos
I have a feeling that all the people crying about this are now unable to farm their special spot and make a new game every 2 minutes. Poor babies.
lol stupid solution for stupid problems
06/12/2012 06:30 PMPosted by Lylirra
Any reason why blizz felt the need to exclude this "feature" in the patch notes?

It was an independent change made outside of patch 1.0.2c.


I appreciate the quick response. Any plan in motion to include a counter of some type so players can monitor/maintain their amount of games allowed. I assume it would be similar to WoW dungeon resetting?
06/12/2012 06:22 PMPosted by Psiven
This is what should have been done to nerf those stupid vase smashing runs, not nerfing the drops.


good idea whoever thought it up. 15-20mins gap between games created. (although with 4 friends or a group it can still be a merry go round)

but it makes botting and other exploits that much harder.

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