Punish people for listing at $250

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I think for the game economy to work (for both gold and RMAH) you need to start to punish people who list auctions too high that never sell.

This would mean the AH's wouldnt be as clogged up as they are with terrible loot listing for 10 million gold etc that never sell, and have identical bid as they do buyout. a system where a deposit is required for a set % of the initial bid required would work, which would be refunded on sale, or if not sold, simply lost.

Greed in this game will kill the economy, items need to be taken out of the economy in order to keep the economy somewhat level.

Nobody is spending 200 million on 1 single item in the game. If people are spending 250 bucks on a single item in they game, they are insane; as someone who has a disposable income, there is no way in hell i would spend more than 50 bucks on a virtual item having payed 120 bucks (CE) for my copy of the game.

Blizzard, please act on this.
I would gladly spend $250 on a weapon if it is better then my crossbow
06/12/2012 11:33 PMPosted by Hamsuplow
Shut up
I think we're done here.
06/12/2012 11:32 PMPosted by DuaneDibly
spending 250 bucks on a single item in they game

Someone actually did a thread around here somewhere lol 250$ on a crossbow.
listing an item at a price point where it doesn't sell.. is punishment enough ..

a lot of these guy are desperate though as they are losing their exploits and stuff they used to get these items.. not everyonee but a lot of items
Agreed. People who post items on the RMAH should get whipped at least 20 times a day.
I think the prices are just ridiculous at the moment. Maybe from the AH just being released or the whole d3 community being greedy knobs that's unknown.
There are people who will spend real life money on Farmville to the point of putting Zynga into the stock market.
People also spend US$25 for vanity mounts and pets in World of Warcraft that do absolutely nothing. At least the singing sunflower sings. Those things do absolutely NOTHING.

Spending money on items that DO have a use? Easy money. But it doesn't make it any less surprising. My goodness Kstyler, US$250 for a crossbow? What job do you have in real life?
theres this thing called the invisible hand that'll punish them. don't worry.
Ain't goin' happen
Set buyout limit to $20. You now live in a happy world where all your desires are fulfilled.
lol i sold a quiver for 250$ so ya people are paying that much
Invisible hand doesnt exist in diablo economy because everyone here is irrational lol
well when the idea was actually sold (the RMAH) it was stated that people would get a certain amount of free auctions per week, and then people would have to fork out cash to actually list an item. Obviously the idea has changed somewhat (based on the deal Blizzard set up with paypal) however it negatively effected the economy in doing so.

punishing people for listing inflated items would keep prices down, which all helps hyperinflation, which keeps the economy where it needs to be.

If no action is taken on this issue, then the economy will spiral out of control.
$250 is too low,
some items are worth way more than that. if you get a perfectly rolled stormshield, or andy's visage, etc. you'd likely be able to get $500-800 on ebay or other 3rd party. not that i'm condoning that.
RMAH is not required to play the game. If you don't like it don't use it. Personally I think any amount of real money is too much.
It just opened today. you need to give the AH time to level out a bit. They are going to start out high because people want to make the big bucks. As the items stop to sell and people start to realise their items for $250 aren't selling, but they see others for $100 selling they will lower thier prices until we have a nice balance based on supply/demand.

If people actually do buy items at $250 regularly then the prices will remain $250. If you can't afford that i'm sorry but you are on the lower end of the distribution, not in the happy mean.

My guess is in about a week or 2 we will see price drops.

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