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Anyone else getting this meassage when trying to connect to battlenet atm.

Any soloutions as well.
im getting it
The server is down for maintenance till 6pm east. See
new downtime for maintenance scheduled between 4pm-6pm AEST. (11pm, 1AM PDT).

yes, again... expect big rage at 5:15pm when people will come back from work.
so when they will bue up today Australian sydney time
Well that sucks
Now look what we've done in the General Discussion Forum. Now that our Aussie whinging got what we wanted by having maintenance on our "non-prime gaming time", the US are whinging now.

Maybe Blizzard should have maintenance done on the 8th day of every week instead.
can't really blame them for raging, down 10pm last night, and the night before that too

someone has found an exploit in the RMAH maybe?
i dunno if anyone can really exploit the rmah (hacking items etc is a different thing)

But so far i've managed to make $100 off all you suckers for 3 hours of game play :D
ok phew i thought it was just me.... :D
Finally I get to play with decent ping (400-600) and they go and shut the server down. I give up...
any1 knows what time server will up?
06/13/2012 11:06 PMPosted by Ghostsyh
any1 knows what time server will up?

Have you been reading this thread?'s still on the first page as well.
Maintenance time between 4pm - 6pm EST
its not like they listened and did DT to suit our timezone, must be some sort of emergency eh

Darkdawns- Get a job! lol i made 50 cents! yeh boi!
maintenance 3 days in a row... i think that's called something else. FAIL WHALE!
Star wars the old republic FTW! aussie servers =D
10 years not enough time to get it right and prepare...?
this game has more down time than any game i've ever played, and its not even a friggin MMO.

Must've had their wang stuck in a drain pipe for the first 9 years.
06/13/2012 11:09 PMPosted by RLee
maintenance 3 days in a row... i think that's called something else. FAIL WHALE!

lol so is that 3 days in a row you've considered committing suicide cos you can't play a D3?

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