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Hello all,

2nd forum ban within 3 weeks was just lifted, I've done my hard time - don't do it kids, next time you consider posting Rick Astley ASCII art, consider the consequences. Of course, thanks to this little stint of not being able to participate in Diablo 3 discussion, I found myself forced into actually observing the general mood of the forum population towards Blizzard and the game - and this, combined with a couple of other factors I'll mention in a bit, resulted in an epiphany of sorts.

Ok, to the point;

Since Diablo 3's release, I've been fairly vocal about what I felt were the 'shortcomings' of the game. Whilst I've not been overly malicious, I have thrown the words 'fanboy' and 'corporation' around a fair bit.

I don't hate Diablo 3, I don't even dislike it. I have two characters in Inferno and was one of the 3%(?) in Inferno when Blizzard revealed various player statistics shortly after launch.

I'll state right off the bat; I don't think Diablo 3 is particularly groundbreaking. But it is a solid ARPG and definitely a worthy addition to the genre. I'm sure that with tweaking and patching, Blizzard can elevate Diablo 3 to a much, much greater place. I'm holding out for Patch 1.03. I feel this is going to drastically improve the game for the majority of the playerbase (minus the quadrupled repair costs) and I think it heralds the rebirth of the game.

I can see this being TL;DR, so I'll skip to near the end of what I wanted to say.

Last night, after a couple of beers and listening to plenty of songs like, I was feeling a bit emotional and reflective.

I found myself reading the Diablo 3 credits and for the first time, the notion of the Corporation dissolved and gave way to the realisation of the human effort, creativity and passion behind the creation of Diablo 3. I saw the developers, testers - the people - thank their families for their patience and love and extend a warm thank you to the playerbase;

To all our family and friends, thank you for your love and support during the development of the game. Your never-ending patience and understanding make it all possible. We love you! Thank you to our players! Without you we wouldn't be here!

I thought of the flack Jay Wilson had received. For example, the 20+ page forum thread calling for him to be fired for 'what he done to Diablo 3'. (Which even I thought was going way, way too far). I Googled him and found a modest looking man, at a gaming convention, in his Blizzard shirt and jeans, smiling proudly in front of the Diablo 3 stand. You'd have thought from the demonisation he'd been victim to, that he was the Devil himself.

Then I thought of the Korean raids on Blizzard's offices, and that's when it sort of really hit me. Here's a company that have simply made an effort to create a game for us to enjoy. Based on some of the criticism they've received, you'd think they were caught running a !@#$%^ production operation, but the reality is, they simply made a game.

I think at times it helps to step back, calm yourself and observe. There are far darker things going on in the world than a company releasing videogames. I'm glad to see the uproar is dying down and I'm excited for the future of the game.

Just like the music of Nirvana and The Beatles shaped my teenage years, so too did World of Warcraft, which I played on and off for a long time. It was the first MMO I played and I remember being absolutely floored by the immersion and scale of it. I guess I conveniently 'forgot' about how much of an impact a Blizzard game made on me.

And thus concludes my cool story. Thanks and sorry to Blizzard and any of the 'fanboys' I may have aggravated with my previous posts. Here's looking ahead to better days!

would read again.
Man.. I just googled him in Google Images and now feel bad for all the flack he has taken. He's just some computer nerd dude.
A nice read. However, while I don't truly wish any ill-will upon the creators of the game, it is sadly obvious that this game was designed to make Blizzard money while sacrificing what the game could have been.

This game just isn't nearly as fun as it could be. There are plenty of useful suggestions (admittedly amongst a tide of flotsam) right here in these very forums. The fact that an AH even exists, allowing for players to jump to the end gear, plainly undermines the joy of the chase.
It was a good read and I'm glad you shared your story my friend. A lot of people are too busy seeing red to step back and see that the people at Blizzard merely wanted to help people have fun with a video game. They didn't intentionally do things to the game to irritate players.

Some things you may not like about the game but it does not change the fact Blizzard had your best interests in mind.
Great read. Thanks for posting this.

I'm surprised and glad that I didn't already have you on ignore. I have been putting anyone who uses the term 'fanboy' on ignore as an experiment to see how the forums look. (it works BTW)

After reading that, I'm glad now that I missed you.

EDIT: Looking at your post history, you were a pretty horrible poster. :(
You said you would ask Jay Wilson what his bra size was for the the reddit interview. You can't be proud of that. I bet you wish you could go back and delete some of those posts.
Although what you say is true, and althoughh I really enjoyed this game for the first 2-3 weeks, as of today i'm 100% sure this game was built around the RMAH. Tuesday's ninja drop nerf and what Bash said in a previous psot (the AH is supposed to affect the players drop rate-quality) is simply unacceptable. I don't think the Diablo 3 staff is evil, I just think Blizzard - the COMPANY aka shareholders - only have a monetary interest in Diablo 3 and trying to suit the game to their interests.

In WOW you pay a sub.

In D3 you pay for the game and you have the RMAH to feed the company and cover their maintenance costs. It's obvious they'll want the RMAH to provide them of constant profit therefore they will adapt the game (item drop-quality rate) to ensure RMAH will always be attractive for players.

My 2 cents.
It was truly amazing to see my name in the credits for Diablo III, but what really blew my mind was the slow realization that came over me, as the credits kept rolling and rolling, that I know these people. The developers and writers and testers... I know them. I like them all so much. I know Bashiok's first, middle, and last name. I know which of those PR reps is crazy about the San Diego Chargers. I ran into that Lead Designer at Specialty's the other day, ordering a sandwich. I complimented him on his personal blog. He said I'm probably the only person in the world who reads it.

I love Diablo III. I loved it when there were just a few hundred of us internally testing in the Spring. It was hard to see those characters of mine wiped out, but I immediately recreated them when the game went live on May 15. I've spent as much of my free time playing Diablo III as I could for the last month.

The Diablo series is the reason I'm here. Well, it's certainly large among the reasons I work here, the reason I'm so happy about gaming, and the reason I feel like an incredibly lucky gamer.

I can't think of anything I'd rather do professionally than try to share that joy with as many people as possible. Yes, that sometimes means taking disciplinary action on people in these forums. Some just want to be disruptive and mean. Some have really good ideas. Some have a take on things that we've not seen before. Some just want to be heard. Most want to share their experiences with the game, propose something, and see positive steps taken. I'm right there with them.

Every single time I suspend someone, I hope that they'll come back like you did, understanding that there is a gradient of what people do here. On one end, there is harassment and abuse of other posters, on the other end, there is respect and favorable discourse. Mind you, not wonderful "feelings" all the time. We can disagree in every way and still be respectful and positive.

I love Diablo III. Playing the game for the last month has reminded me of how it felt to immerse myself in other games that I've loved over the last 30 years. I hope that I'm fortunate enough to get to play Diablo III for many years to come. That's one of the ways that I'd define myself as prosperous.
Diablo 3's credit sequence is atrocious and will likely be skipped by 99.999% of the playerbase for how dull it is. SC2 destroys it, and of course various other games are much better as well (Demon's Souls, Vanquish, Bayonetta to name a few).

Edit: Oh original Starcraft's credits are better too, so are Warcraft 3's, need I go on?
It's nice to see people come to their senses. :)

If everyone who didn't like the game wrote some positive criticisms instead of flaming everyone, the boards would be far more useful and Blizzard would have a lot of good suggestions to look at instead of weeding through hundreds of pages of what is basically entitlement and whining posts just to find one good post with good suggestions.

People also need to realize that not everything they want is what other people want and Blizzard cannot make every single person happy. A change that one person likes may make another person mad. That's just how things work. The fact is that Blizzard is making improvements and whether or not you approve of those doesn't really matter. In the end, the game will be better for it.

Then I thought of the Korean raids on Blizzard's offices, and that's when it sort of really hit me. Here's a company that have simply made an effort to create a game for us to enjoy.

No, Blizzard is a company that made a game to make them money, and Jay Wilson designed a game only he enjoys.

06/14/2012 02:53 PMPosted by Kaivax
It was truly amazing to see my name in the credits for Diablo III, but what really blew my mind was the slow realization that came over me, as the credits kept rolling and rolling, that I know these people.

Did they list you as Kaivax?? That would be sweet haha.

Also, I think Cartman's "Cupid-me" has struck this thread lol.
I love Diablo 3 but not as much as Jay Wilson :3
This is like inmate rehibilitation

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