Hardcore PVP, Insane or Brilliant?

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Hell to the yes!
i must say i do approve
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Now we only need a gladiator arena and a spectator option, and the awesomeness will happen.
Cons : Your opponent has crappy gear... so really, you did all the work for some junk.
I waant their women
I'm not gonna lie I might pay real money (only like a dollar or two) to spectate an tournament event of something like this.

Amazing idea.

I used to play Neocron (FPSMMOO) where you would drop a belt containing a random item from your character upon death. It was brutal and so much fun when pvping... having a chance to gain an opponents top gear.. or losing one of your precious armor/weapons. Really made everything so much more exciting!

Loving this idea!
Too bad HC PvP is the same as SC PvP in D3. They are making it so you don't actually die if you die in HC PvP.
06/15/2012 02:22 AMPosted by SCTetra
Cons : Your opponent has crappy gear... so really, you did all the work for some junk.

If they have bad gear and your's is good then you are going to own them anyway and it will be fun..

Your argument is flawed.
I think this could be a cool option also for softcore characters as a means of staked dueling.
I am normally just a lurker, but i stopped by to say, BRILLIANT IDEA!

There should be 2 ladders, SC and HC, image watching a HC season finale :O
This would be amazing... but i dont think blizzard has the ball's for this.
anyway i think it would be awsome to get some kind of victory chest at the end of each win... the winner would get 1 random legenderay and 2 rares... something like that, oh and lots of gold, around 200k :P
awsome ideia that could turn this game into something huge!!
Eve online (best single server space mmo) implements this with a slight difference:

- people fly spaceships in EvE and equip the ships with various mods (cheap, advanced and elite etc) hence the parallel would be in D3 all your equipped items are your ship's modules

- when someone's ship is lost in eve he loses the ship and all the modules (there is also a chance of losing your toon but let's leave that eve mechanic aside). While the ship is destroyed for good, the modules drop in space (random % chance - so out of say 10, 8 could drop and 2 destroyed or 3 could drop and 7 destroyed)

Hence in D3 the equivalent could be that when you die in pvp, your character isn't dead like hardcore but all your equipped items are lost, there is then a random % chance of your 13 equipped slots to be destroyed or drop

- this gives a big economic edge to pvp. In eve this has given rise to the adage "Fly what you can afford to lose" because eventually you will lose your ship. I would love that same edginess to D3 pvp. "Only play arena in gear you're prepared to lose." or at least a "Gladiator" mode arena with this feature.

- eve further generates a "killmail" for every single ship destroyed in pvp combat. People use this data to post on their killboards - it serves as a great incentive and permanent record of every single pvp combat of your characters life.

The killmail shows all involved parties, who did how much damage to whom, what weapons they used and the details of the destroyed ship - which ship modules were destroyed, which dropped and how much were they worth on the market - hence tagging each kill with an economic value ie Seolfor killed JWilsons Falcon worth 2 Billion, 1.2 Billion worth of xyz items dropped

The same implemented for D3 would be mind-blowing and awesome.

Do it Blizz!
The main idea is truly awsome!
However, I'm sure many people would get scared away from the fact that they'd need to invest in leveling a character before they can even begin to farm proper items. Then losing at least 20-30 hrs of playtime in a duel which might be over in 30 seconds or less seems really...weird and frustrating.

One thing I'd suggest: Make these special HC gladiator characters available for play at level 60 with all difficulties unlocked but (close to) no gear to start with.

But yeah, this would be so much fun. I can already feel the tension while you're in inferno, trying to progress as far as possible to be able to farm the best gear possible before finally stepping into the arena. And always living with the risk of dying before you're even able to show-off your gear in action.
This. Has. To. Happen.
Implement full loot rights in HC pvp and i will reroll HC.
It has been confirmed that u won't die in hardcore pvp
06/15/2012 05:03 AMPosted by Enigmist
It has been confirmed that u won't die in hardcore pvp

Where did you see this?
I logged in just to rate this. This would actually be the best thing for the game ever since it came out.

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