Hardcore PVP, Insane or Brilliant?

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06/15/2012 11:16 AMPosted by VasHeR
The entire idea is auto-loot. If you are dueling someone, loot is on. Not sure why everyone is making this seem so complex and exciting. In d2, two people about to duel could discuss whether or not they want to turn on loot for each other. This idea is just to force it. I really don't see anything revolutionary here, someone please help me out if i'm missing something.

I absolutely LOVE hardcore PvP systems. The problem with most modern MMORPGs is that they are afraid of doing this due to people whining about losing all their gear. The system is ridiculously fun though and I really hope BLizzard starts to look at it in their games.
Now this would be a true definition of hardcore. I like it.
I would be down for it, only if you received a large gold sum as a reward. However I would have issues since people can lag out or do other malicious things much like what happened in D2 HC duels
I hate anyone who believes this to be a new concept.
Options are never bad
Blizzard.. Please add this feature
Perfect. I don't give a !@#$ if blizz agrees or not. This would be the most ultimate gaming pvp ever.
I would definitely play HC if this was true.
Not only that but each player is wired up to an electric shock device that kills the player if they die in game, they die IRL
As long as it's implemented in some way that doesn't allow griefing. If you thought PK in d2 was fun, well, not sure what to say. Consentual HC PVP? Fun.

Listen, I like games with chaotic pvp, a LOT. But this game doesn't allow for any kind of even-keel hunting, where nobody has a clue whether someone is hunting them, or whether there's even anyone to hunt. That's only possible in an 'open-shared-world' environment. In d3 you have 4 players, you know who they are. They know where you are. The person with PvP intentions has a ridiculous advantage, the person who's just farming is going to lose almost every time. Not fair, not fun.

Now give me an open shared world, where I might run into someone else and there's a 50% chance that person will attack me? That's a blast.
People won't play that ( or they'll stop after just a few deaths ) unless Blizzard allows them an insane powerlevel.

Hardcore are ok with the risk of death because it's a very low risk.
If you kill 100,000 monsters before you die, that's a 0.001% odds to die everytime you see a monster... There's a thrill, but you make it alive most of the time.

If your odds are close to 50-50... And when you die you have to spend 10's of hour to re-level... people aren't gonna do that.
They'd gear up insane low-level duelers tho. But not at 60.
What if you could bet real money on who would win and some of that money would go to the winner?

Also all matches would end when one character reaches 1 hp. Then the victor can decide to perma kill him for maybe 1 equipped item or spare his life for all equipped items.
Would be cool to watch some of the matches. Would have to have a match-making screen and a spectator mode. Fights would take place in an arena. For this we really would need some type of a ranking system showing your kills. Top rankings could give some in-game bonus like +MF or something.

Not sure if I like the part about getting the other player's gear though. The gear really is the character. Perhaps there could be some kind of purse for the winner. Maybe a turn at some chest that has a chance to drop unique items or recipes that can't be found elsewhere.
Could we maybe get a blue up in here?
This is obviously something that we, the players, want.

Don't be fooled that this thread only has 6 pages, there's another 300+ comments here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/v2j3j/hardcore_pvp_insane_or_brilliant/

Give us a chance to earn our "ears" the way we used to earn them.
Give us another chance to feel that good old ecstatic feeling you get only when you know that you've earned something virtually substantial by being totally and utterly badass.
I'm all for consensual PvP with high stakes, or perhaps even a shared-world PvP option to play in. If you consent to playing in that world, then you consent to being ambushed any time, any where...strict PvE builds in this world are unwise! You are not safe! Ignore your surroundings at your own risk!

The problem, of course, is that losing my gear to some griefing d*ckwad that's 10 or whatever levels above me is not fun. People will do it--just ambush lowbies, take their stuff, etc. That is not welcome and I wouldn't play on that server, ever. There'd have to be level-staggered servers, and I'm not sure we have a large enough HC community to support it.
Only a handful of people would do it, and they have already said D3 isn't really going to be balanced for pvp so its mainly going to be a couple people doing the same cheesey builds and strats over and over again.

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