Need some advice please! Act 3+ inferno

Hi, I recently killed ghom solo but am having trouble on the bridge part before seigebreaker in inferno, getting killed very easily. My stats unbuffed are:
7.5k def (8.9k with moe hard target)
753 all resists
22k dps
26k health
2.41 attacks per second with 860 life per hit

I have about 2.5m to spend but likely will have more in the next day or two from farming, my dilemma is I can't decide which piece of gear to upgrade next to help me survive in inferno. The following link has screens of my gear, for those of you who have gotten far in inferno which piece do you think I would benefit from replacing?
i can tell you right away that if you want to succeed with LOH and high APS, you will need to drop the shield and dual wield. The cheapest option is to snag a +23%-25% IAS dagger, fist, or sword, to get over 1.7 attacks with weapon alone. your off hand should then be, ideally, a weapon that has both life on hit, and a socket for a high level amethyst. This setup will boost your attack speed and your life generated per hit.

Your health is also a little low to pull this build off imo. I ran it with around 35k and struggled til I upgraded to about 39k. that made a big difference between being one shotted or not.

Also, I only have like 4k armor. you may be overdoing it on that stat :p

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