Diablo Inferno - need help with spec

need some serious advice, trying to kill diablo and having a hell of a time, i feel i do have the gear to pull it off (just), but need to find the best combination of skills i can use, and a little bit of luck, then ill down him.

USING 2x 1h's

850 Res all
3639 armor (54.81 damage reduction)
31.9 dodge

1191 dex
931 vit

33k hp
2.99 - 2.49% attack speeds
16.5k damage

609 life per second regen
1673 life on hit

firstly gotta start with the shield vs 2x 1h.

would you do this trade off?

1h: 714 dps, 790 LOH. (1.4 attack speed)
Shield: 13% block, 1k armor, +96 resists

once that question is out of the way,

passives: resolve, seize the initiative, one with everything
mantra of conviction: overawe (+48% damage)
fists of thunder: lightning flash (dodge +16%)

i need to know whats going to be the best mantra/passive/main attack combination, as well as 1h+shield or 2x 1h. thanks to whoever can help out.
Those passives are fine, I would go overawe + shield, you dont need that much resists, hoever, I would get a few more hps.
16.5k dps dual weilding vs inferno diablo? 3.6k armor? I really really don't think you're going to manage it lol. Your dps is reallllllly bad for DW... I find diablo fights incredibly long, boring and tedious with 30k. And I use a shield..

Honestly you should probably run moe:hard target and deadly reach:foresight for diablo. Given enough attempts you'll probably pull it off eventually. He isn't very difficult, but you aren't going to be able to take any hits from him.

I just don't understand how your armor is so low using STI... I guess your dex is REALLY low and all your armor pieces are like ilvl 59?

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