the inferno monk cookie cutter build?

my friend doesnt check forums or the internet for whats the best things to use for his monk character.

hes having trouble in inferno and im wondering what the best set up is for skills and gear

should his weap have tons of LoH like the barb?
My build:!UZX!Zcbaca

For gear, stack dex, resist all, and single resist type on armor (also look out for vitality when possible, but you can't search for four categories on AH). IAS and LoH are definitely helpful.
hmm thanks man. what about the upcoming IAS nerf tho?
The only "cookie cutter" elements of the build are:
Any spirit generator (not all of the runes are viable, but every generator can be)
Serenity with Ascension or Peaceful Repose
Breath of Heaven with Circle of Life, Penitent Flame, or Blazing Wrath
Mantra of Evasion/Healing/Conviction (it's possible people are using Retribution, but I never see it)

TBH, we have a lot of flexibility in how we build compared to the other classes.

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