BARBARIAN vs MONK ~ which one is better?

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Thinking of making one, getting bored of Wiz.
06/15/2012 11:10 AMPosted by Lomak
Demon hunter.

I believe that was not an option, sir.
I have both, and I find Monk far more flexible. I am trying out this crazy new spec with my barbarian though, but I need to farm/buy some LoH before I can try in later acts. It looks very promising.

But for now, Monk. They're awesome.
They are quite different although both melee. The barbarian is slower paced character although doesn't lack the mobility at all, the monk is more fast paced. The monk has an ability to heal the party members, although the barbarian has a shout that does something similar over time. I would suggest going to the game guide of both classes and checking what abilities they have. Choose the character which fits your personality more. I personally chose barbarian.
Interesting! Sounds like imma go with Monk
Do both :)

Only takes a short while to level to 60 on both and enjoy both playstyles
Melee Demon Hunter is pretty b.a.
Well, what's better? Dodge which is a chance to avoid damage, or armor which ALWAYS negates damage. I think the Barbarian is a better choice.
I think it's a choice of personal preferance between those 2 but you'll probably find yourself back here with a "QQ thread" once you've hit inferno with your melee and realize you're either going to invest 400 bucks on it or die pretty much constantly.


Deamon hunter.
Incorrect, Demon Hunter.

No, but seriously, a DH is required for both classes to be viable. You have to farm that act 3/4 gear somehow to clear act 2.

But in all seriousness, Demon Hunter.

Um, no. I don't have any ranged characters and I've yet to spend more than 1m on any item in the AH. I had trouble with Belial because as a baddie I kept dying the meteors, but that's about it.

The drama gotta stop. Inferno is doable now, and it will be more so after the patch.
I ran with a geared up Barb the other day and he was a real beast!

My survivability and ability to get out of sticky situations led to less deaths, but he carried our group most of the night.
06/15/2012 11:23 AMPosted by KronicDecay
I havent played a barb but do have a 60 monk in A2 inferno and cant seem to do well there so have been farming A1 for +res items. Currently doing 19k dps with 55k hp and about 350 in all resists doing a duel wield spec with no shield. Monks pretty fun tho, also have a 60 DH and between the two I still like my monk more

As a monk who has only played a monk and can farm the highest tiers with ease, and made a LOT of money on RMAH, let me help you out. You are going to have to switch to a shield. I didn't like it either but you just have to. Second, less HP and DPS, more Resists. I clear Act 4 inferno with only 32k hp. The larger health pool really is uneeded. Prioritize Vit last. Resist > Dex > Armor > Vit
Oddly enough, everyone that says Melee is doing poorly only play softcore. In hardcore, the list for best classes is inverted compared to SC.

Anyhow, I play both a monk and barb in hardcore. Barb's have more innate defense built into their design (Str - adds DMG and Armor) (Vit - adds HP and armor (with a passive). Ideally you end up stacking both and you gain a huge defensive bonus. They also have War Cry which adds Armor and 50% resists, (which is HUGE). Lastly, for their staying power, they have Heal % of Max HP through 3 different abilities. Overall, very good.

Monks gain defensive stats the same way. Dex = Dodge, Dmg, and armor with a passive. They have more "on demand" healing, but it does not scale with health. (Though it doesn't really matter, because it *does* scale with effective health) They also have a faster attack feel to them, but in regards of actual mobility, the Barb wins hands down with Sprint (50% run for 5 sec which is practically on demand through the rage mechanic).

They both feel great, and they both can take hits and do respectable damage. The only issue is that in inferno, you almost 100% need to play a defensive build compared to the ranged classes. Mind you, that doesn't make range better. As it stands, everyone says Demon Hunters are the pwn... but they clear inferno by gearing dmg over survival, and in the process they get 1 shot by anything, and everything. Which is why class balance is *flipped* in Hardcore. Monks and Barbs cannot do the damage of the range classes, but they can actually take hits and keep going without getting one shot every 5 steps.

TLDR: I play both, I enjoy both - play one, and as you pick up gear save what may be good for the other =D.

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