How to access american RMAH from Europe?

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I have just found out that for some reason this game put me on american server?? For no reason, so I have played every day last month many and many hours to get some stuff for RMAH and now I see that I cannot access it, because I have been put to american server, but my country is in Europe. What can I do? Its not my mistake that I was on american server...
Is all my stuff now just useless? If there will be possibility to trasfer my character with my items and all from american server to european then I don't care I cannot access american RMAH, but if not, what can I do? Did I just lose whole month of life for nothing? Please, any suggestion or help appreciated. I put some of my last money to buy Diablo 3 licence...
Well, I bought a game and played all the time from europe, how is my fault I have been placed at american server?? You cannot see anywhere in the game that you are at american server so I assumed that I'm at european server. I really need to just transfer my chracter and items to europe if I canot access american RMAH.
I am having the same. Figured out its probably because I used us english downloader. Nice one Blizzard!
So your native server - ie. the place where you live, where your character is going to be definitevely placed forever, is determined by the language of a tool you use to download data you use to install the game. Really, great.
So now beside this stupidity, you are telling me I wont be using RMAH because, by some miracle, the area of the world I was assigned to by choosing language to an installer doesnt count for some content of the game (RMAH) that makes its own checking of a place where you are. And when it doesnt match, its a game over. The stupidity, the stupidity.

I am so sorry, Blizzard, you wont be getting more money than the price for your game (usually enough for the games I bought before) from me on RMAH charges as from everybody else, and its caused by your own incompetence! The joke is on you, I guess!

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