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Hey all, ideally I would love to get this forum back on track and discuss a greater variety of local topics.

We have and will continue to highlight all player feedback regarding latency when playing from Aus/NZ. The last post made on this is in the further info sticky. At this time we don’t have any updates to add regarding RMAH, latency or maintenance windows.

So for this week, I think it would be worth highlighting some positive feedback from Aus/NZ players. Let me know what works, what you like and any other surprises that you have found and I will pass this feedback on also.
I found the storyline to be interesting and engaging. The spell effects look fantastic and the characters are memorable. I would love a little more customisation with the characters though. The ability to change hair and perhaps a skill tree.
I'm sorry if this is negative but I will voice my opinion.

My class: Monk
Stage: Act 3 Inferno Heart of Sin
Game Type: Softcore

In the past latency actually never bothered me too much. I would die here and there because of it, but for the past 3-5 days (actually since the latest patch) my latency has spiked a significant amount. I know you don't want to hear about that so I'll move on.

What I've found feasible for me playing the game as a Monk is being able to use LOH with attack speed.

My attack %: 15% on 2 rings, 15% on gloves = 45% total.
Attack Speed Overall: 2.03
LOH: 644.

Ever since I've maintained my attack speed above 2.00 with this LOH, I've started to enjoy the game quite a lot. Using the right skills / runes, strategy I've been doing very well. So this is what works for me now (I still wanted to increase LOH and attack speed but need to farm WAY more gold).

Unfortunately I'm concerned about this apparent nerf to the attack speed. The obvious reasons are:

1. My attack speed will drop to an estimated speed of 1.60 to 1.70
2. Spirit regen will be extremely hard to gain
3. LOH will be significantly impacted.

The main other reason for concern:

1. With the latency we experience (I'm not complaining about the latency, it is what it is), this is going to make my character require a total re-build (even if latency wasn't an issue).

With a poor latency and lower attack speed, my LOH will be useless.

I feel this would be the same for Barbs as well.

Sorry for the long post, and again sorry if this comes off as a negative post. This is just my feedback and how I'm feeling at the moment.

Obviously no 100% confirmation about the reduction in the attack speed nerfs, but I'm playing the game with a lot of fun at the moment. If the rumours are true, I'm seriously considering just re-rolling a character after hundreds of hours played, or selling all my gear and just moving on from the game.

Edit: forgot to add - I enjoy the hustle of beating Inferno. I love the challenge and I love the fact that so many people complain about it. In my eyes, Blizzard did a great job in making Inferno as hard as it is. Also - I love how when playing co-op the monsters don't increase damage. I play with mates all the time and this made our experience MUCH better.
I have had an immense amount of joy playing Diablo 3, I find the RMAH adds another dimension to the game and being a big fan of eBay I also like to browse through the auctions. I find multiplayer with my friends simple and easy to just jump in and get going. I simply can't put this game down, Good job blizzard !
Positive Feedback
- The game overall has quite a solid base and room for things to be expanded upon.
- I like Nephalem Valor, it's a great addition to Diablo gameplay.
- Blizzard is, from what I can see, doing a pretty good job of protecting its players from hacks and other nefarious things.
- I have been having fun working through the various difficulties, and have made it to Inferno mode. The challenge this provides is good.

Constructive Feedback
- More information from Blizzard would be appreciated, such as advice of expected service outages due to maintenance. Last Wednesday the server was taken down without notice, and then a message posted stating that it was "scheduled maintenance" but that post was put up 6 minutes AFTER the server was taken offline. I know that this world is imperfect, but it would be nice to be advised BEFORE the server is taken offline that it is going to be down, and how long for. Additionally, calling it scheduled when it seems to be more of an emergency upsets people.
- It would be good if more resources were put into fixing mechanics issues than into the RMAH. Most players do not use the RMAH, whereas they all play and interact with mechanics issues. Doing things like focussing on the RMAH when there are still mechanics issues upsets people, as some will come to the conclusion that Blizzard cares more about new income than giving people a good experience for the money they've already spent.
- I'd love it if the gameplay was adjusted so that you could have up to 8 players in a single instance... 4 per instance seems very low and impacts how I play with my friends.
- All in SEA would appreciate more consideration taken as to when server maintenance is scheduled... this week it starts at 6pm on Tuesday night, which is (for most of us) prime play time. If it started later (say, 10pm) then we could at least get in a few hours play before the server is taken offline.
Personally I enjoy the game quite a lot. I do feel bad for Blizz having to put up with so much crap when the happy majority are playing the game compared to the vocal minority complaining on the forums.

There are definitely legitimate concerns like game latency etc, I also get a little frustrated when rubberbanding in desecrate, but honestly the game has been out a month, a lot of things are no doubt in the pipelines and will just take some time.

I have made $100 so far on the RMAH, which is going towards real life bills and expenses, so for me, my positive feedback is for the RMAH. For those who want to make money, they can, for those who want to spend money, they can, and for those who don't want a bar of it, don't have to.

I have seen numerous posts about people not able to use the RMAH because they have a prepaid phone or something, and then immediately proceed to say the RMAH should be banned!? Why? just cause they can't use it?!.... Seems like many calls to ban the RMAH is purely motivated by sour g!!%!s (not sure why gr@pes are censored), not out of reasonable and legitimate concerns.

At the end of the day, my reason for posting is because despite some of D3's few failings, it's tiring to come onto the forums to look for actual game info, hints and tips, etc, and find nothing but a massive whinefest from an active and vocal minority, much of it undeserved and unreasonable. So from me, a happy Australian player I say thank you Blizz.

PS. When will 1.03 be up? Can we expect it with today's maintenance?
I never finished either D1 or D2 and I still really enjoyed the story. I really enjoy the levelling experience and toying around with new skills runes, although I feel like the game's difficulty curve from Normal to Hell is not steep enough. I dislike the way NV works because it discourages my own experimentation.

In Act 1 is was a little disappointed in the visuals, but by Act 3 when you have dozens of models on screen and spell effects everywhere it is surprisingly beautiful.

I share concerns with the majority of ANZ forumers which are being frequently expressed, and I find that these region specific issues cause the game to fall from "fantastic" to "pretty good".
I'm loving the game, the challenge of inferno is nuts but hell I like that. I'm making some good sales off the RMAH both US and AU, I think a sticky maybe explaining the options we have to add currency to both could be useful as it seems people are a little confused about this.

The game itself is very fun and yes inferno is even more challenging with our latency but hell I enjoy the added challenge.

I think more posts like yours would both be good and bad, I'm sure this will cop plenty of abuse and can understand peoples frustration as I'm sure you can but when their is no updates their is no updates people need to understand that.

I'd like to hear what classes people are playing and what they find the most fun, not about lag and issues just FUN, come on you have to have a little fun at times to still be here, lets get some good discussion going on!

Oh and I got a new chest piece for my Demon Hunter today which both has an awesome looking cape and shows cleavage haha, first armour piece I've seen in game which does and here I was thinking that their would be no breasts in D3 lol
I should have also added to my previous post:

Any game which has me playing it for ~120 hours in a month must be doing something right!
06/17/2012 10:36 PMPosted by Narull
I'd like to hear what classes people are playing and what they find the most fun, not about lag and issues just FUN, come on you have to have a little fun at times to still be here, lets get some good discussion going on!

Start the thread and I'll make sure that it stays on topic :)
I'm using the Monk for the quick maneuveurs and the melee attacks, I particularly like when Im playing with mates multiplayer and we get confronted by elites that just seem to mulitply & multiply and we're bashing these no good elites for a good 15 mins and everyone is just overwhelmed by the amount of action and good ol' fashion slash em up in what starts as a little elite mob. Im still on Hell difficulty and loving the action !

I'd like to hear what classes people are playing and what they find the most fun, not about lag and issues just FUN, come on you have to have a little fun at times to still be here, lets get some good discussion going on!

I've stated that in mine already;

Playing as a Monk and I've loved the fact that Inferno has been so hard. After farming Act2 with ease and progressing through Act3 quite nice it's a great feeling to know the progression I've made.

However unfortunately I'm still going to hold my fort and say I won't find the game fun after this attack speed nerf. I'm failing to see the fun in needing to completely re-build my gear and have a slow attacking Monk, or re-rolling another character. Yeh I'm sure some people will say it's a new challenge but I chose a Monk because Blizzard advised Monk's have an emphasis on speed & combos.

To quote Jay Wilson:

"With the Monk, we really wanted another melee class, but we wanted him to be the polar opposite of the Barbarian. Somebody who focused on speed over toughness"

"where we wanted a character that could do really cool moves in rapid succession"

" the Monk moves forward because he’s faster than everyone else"

This is the exact reason why I loved playing the game. I seriously mastered the Monk class and have the perfect setup right now. If this attack speed nerf is true (and the % figures are true), then doesn't this mean the ONE main thing that Monk's have (speed) is gone?

What do Monk's do now?
Asking for "positive feedback" when the flavour of the month has been mostly negative - that's ballsy.

Things I like about D3:

- Cinematics are excellent (despite the bad storyline)
- Scoundrel and Covetous Shen are nice to listen to
- Multiplayer is quite fun
- Graphics are very good, though it should have increased sharpness

Things I do not like about D3:

- Server lag and constant maintenance
- Lack of meaningful character customisation beyond skills/runes and dyes
- Only a handful of viable skills and runes
- Inferno beyond Act 1
- Shielding and invulnerable affix for monsters
- Very small amount of items dropped are actually useful, if at all; upwards of 95% of my equipped items have been bought off the AH
- Some item affixes only waste an item affix allocation, in particular level 60 items that read "1.2% chance to stun"
- Artisan costs are very high
- Very few players chat in public games despite my efforts to break the ice
- Storyline is terrible, some lore characters are poorly used (Belial and Azmodan in particular)
- Tyrael is no longer the badass good guy (making him mortal was a big mistake) and he is very uninspiring throughout D3 except for his clash with Imperius.
- Followers uttering the same lines over and over - "Look, more hidden footprints!"
- Blizzard's refusal to implement Australian servers
- Blizzard's seemingly determined refusal to acknowledge or outright disagree with reasonable and constructively critical feedback from players

There are other things I hate as well, but hopefully they are or will get fixed for 1.0.3 and/or 1.1.

Most of the points above may be all critical/negative, but for me it is the honest truth.

Someone needs to tell the game designers to take off the rose-coloured glasses and see that many players are not happy with the game as it is.
I'd like to hear what classes people are playing and what they find the most fun, not about lag and issues just FUN, come on you have to have a little fun at times to still be here, lets get some good discussion going on!

Start the thread and I'll make sure that it stays on topic :)

TLDR: It is a global game, very few local topics on the positive side - everyone is playing the same game. Fix the negative issues of lag and scheduled maintenence times which are local to us if you want to do anything useful.

The game is fun, in a lot of ways it has major improvements over D2 (which I loved and played for years)

To make a quick list of points that come to mind:
- The graphics are great, the cut scenes are awesome
- The demon hunter graphics were not that impressive but some of the monk skills have been really impressive graphics vise
- A lot of things that were annoying to gameplay in D2 have been ironed out e.g. the quest direction arrows, sharing items and stash between characters, resume game, auto partying
- Being able to create and join games based on the quest, the quickjoin features all very good
- Being able to swap skills on the fly and try things while levelling without creating a new character is great
- The auction houses are very useful
- The interaction with the physical environment is cool if only for a gimick

But you can't just ask for the fun stuff and avoid the issues. The reason why people complain about the lag on this forum because it is the number 1 issue in this region. Inferno is hard and that is fair enough but I'm not sure you did any testing in 300-400ms lag. As a demon hunter for example, if the game was designed to dodge all projectiles, I'm not sure how this is possible in the lag we experience. Why are Austalian servers so hard? I mean there are million cloud services, purchase it as a service rather than investing in hardware if you really need to

I guess overall D2 was easier and probably more fun for that. I remember doing many many Bael runs and being able to actually get the items progress made the game more enjoyable. Maybe after 1.03 it will be more fun, currently griding for money and never having enough to be able to get the items you need to progress and nothing you can use or sell for a lot droping is very frustrating and doesn't keep you wanting to play the game.

The "scheduled" downtime also needs looking at. I comon it really isn't scheduled right? Also you make us play on US servers and then shutdown the servers at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Why can't you have a level of redundancy that lets you patch without bringing the overall service down? This is industry standard these days, why are you guys still in the 90's?
RMAH implementation (better than no commods for 3 weeks at least)
Overall difficulty
Balance between range and melee, sort of.
Lore, art for classes

IAS nerf :(
Maintainenance :(
Asking for positive feedback? You're a brave one, Arc. :P

I think the biggest compliment i can give the game is that I'm still playing it, and i will probably continue to do so in the future, even once GW2 and (possibly) TL2 try to take my attention in my free time. It IS an enjoyable game; yes it has its faults, but the changes coming in 1.0.3 (and beyond, presumably) are steps in the right direction to fixing issues such as the difficulty spiking in inferno Act 2, the balance issues with classes, itemisation issues, gearing through drops in early inferno, legendaries, etc. Regardless of the faults the game currently has, i have enjoyed the hours i've spent ingame.

As far as local topics go.... Things specific to ANZ players, positive things that we'd bring up that people elsewhere in the world wouldn't? I honestly can't think of any; latency and maintenance windows are the biggest problems that the people in this sub-forum face, and that's going to continue until Blizzard do something about it. I'm not game to touch hardcore, until i know that i'm not going to be dying due to latency issues, and i wouldn't want to be playing inferno on HC with a 200+ ping anyway; it's just not good enough for me to play the game as it's intended.

EDIT: words and stuff.
I agree with a lot of what has been said so far. I am still playing the game and have enjoyed a lot of the cut scenes, events and challenges on the way. That being said, with the state of the game now it feels like you are forcing me to work REALLY hard to enjoy the game. The overwhelming amount of negative feedback regarding latency, maintenance, balance and itemisation on the ANZ forums isn't because we just love to complain ... it's because these problems make the game frustrating to play. Its the reason I often can't stay online for more than an hour (where in d2 I was able to play for upward of 4 hours or more).

I think its fine that you are looking for positive feedback, because really there are a lot of great aspects to this game. Unfortunately the negative aspects (Read: specifically maintenance/latency) just make it very hard to access the game as it was meant to be played, let alone gain any positive experiences from playing it. Until you start posting constructive responses beyond acknowledging ANZ's current problems (i.e. talking about SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS) I don't see why I should post constructive positive responses about the game. Sorry, that's just how I feel.

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