The Frog Goes RIP

Witch Doctor
My stats, almost everything 1 shots me in act 3 inferno.

The Frog Goes RIP.
Drop some of that dps for armor, resist, a shield, and life on hit. OR drop some of your syrvivability for more dps. You need to be either really tanky or do lots of damage. Eventually you can have both but it will take a ton of gold to get there. For now you have to make a choice in order to move forward. You need at least 750 resist all, 4.5k armor, 45k HP, and some life on hit to live as a tank in act 3.
I don't get what the frog goes RIP means... but you only have 32k health. All those resists with 10-15k more health will be great. And no not everything one shots you that is an exaggeration. There are many hits i take with less resist than you (with 47k health) that I can take 2 or 3 hits without dying. If you can manage to increase your damage and health and keep those resists you will have a lot better time.

Really though you are on the hardest difficulty and nearing the end- its not supposed to be easy- you are supposed to have the best gear to be able to do it. I am finished with all the content and honestly just farming is so boring :(

Keep working and enjoy the progress you make. After you finish there is really nothing to do until they release something new :-/
This is why I don't even see a point in trying to get past act 2. Even with incredible gear its still nearly impossible and bs.

If act 2 is the farthest you get without using the RMAH then fine. $60 isn't cheap so to hell I'm spending more just to beat something I already beat 3 times.

There isn't anything at the light at the end of the tunnel except for the gear that got you there. Can't believe blizzard never thought of that... stupid.

This isn't really true. The game is kind of interesting because as I was building up my gear for each act there were like these sudden certain points where I went from getting owned to being able to live forever. Act 1 once I hit 300 resist it was a joke, act 2 hit 550 it was a joke, and act 3 the number seems to be 800. Obviously other stats were improved too along the way but gear gets crazy good in this game. It is very gear intensive. The changes to loot drops in 1.0.3 are going to make it easier to gear up as well so just be patient. It's a grind.

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