RMAH - Where's my $$$?

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On Tuesday I saw a couple cheap items in the RMAH so I logged into Battlenet and put some cash into my account. I knew there was a wait period but it is now Saturday and my balance still hasn't shown up in my RMAH account. Bnet was quick enough to take my money on Tuesday but I still can't use it. I know they say it's for protection against fraudulent credit card usage but this is ridiculous. Of course, my emails to them inquiring about this have gone unanswered as well.

Exactly how long am I supposed to wait before I call my CC company and contest the charge?
im having the same problem atm put 5 bux on few days ago so i could sell some stuff on RMAH and hasent showed up yet. its taken my money out of my account and says under transaction history on battle.net that its complete but no money ingame 0.o
u will get your money its most likely just not working atm like most of the game lol if u dont get it ingame in next couple days just ring blizz and thay should fix it up so u can actualy use it ingame.

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