Help Find the "Highland Cave"???

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As the title says...I need help finding the Highland Cave. I've read that it supposedly spawns in Leoric's Hunting Grounds, but I've not seen a reliable verification of this. Help please!
It randomly spawn in the Highlands, if you can't find it, then you have to reload the game and look again. - may be helpful
Thanks Mathaylla! I guess I'll keep doing runs. I'm on 30+ so far. :I
I've confirmed that the Highlands Cave will also spawn on the left middle area of Leoric's Hunting Grounds. There are three major spawn points in the Leoric's Hunting Grounds.

This image shows all three locations, with the cave currently spawned on the left side.

This took me about 30 runs to find. I suggest you use the warp point at Northern Highlands, run to the right and up through the stairs to get to Leoric's Hunting Grounds, and then go either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the map and you'll find it eventually. Do it on Normal Mode if you're strapped for time and you can just run through mobs without fighting them, and Leave/Restart Game and repeat as soon as you have scouted all 3 points, until you find it. If you need loot or gold, do it on a harder difficulty and enjoy the gold drops as you do your seemingly endless runs.

In the cave you'll meet Rike the Apothecary, who wants you to help him find his brother who was taken by cultists. This spawns the event "The Apothecary's Brother".

Thanks to Ezarox for confirming the right location ( and to reimix12 for confirming the top location (
you're better off doing cave of the moon clan........besides why are you in a1?

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