Anyone getting Guild Wars 2?

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Anyone else getting Guild Wars 2?

I'm planning on doing structured PvP in GW2 when it comes out. If you've not sure what to expect, check out these two videos:

I played the beta and didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I hope to see it do well though because Arena Net put a lot into the game.
Yup, not to excited for it
Yeah, me and atleast 4 to 6 of my friends will play it.
I think it will be far more since its b2p, so it will be awsome :)

I just hope they will release it this year, but i don't have my hopes up.
Doesn't matter when it comes really... We are eager to play it.
I'll probably get Guild Wars 2 this Christmas since I've been wanting to play that game since beta and a nice bonus if you load you Guild Wars Hall of Monument character.
I've played for a month. It was a great game. It's not as immersive as World of Warcraft and some of the bests MMOs, but it's a fresh breath from clunky WoW game style(You can walk/run while casting, hit people real time with buttons). If only they didn't take out grinding, stats, item grind and especially END GAME content. It would have been a killer. Once you finish the story, it's basically grinding for a legendary weapon for a year...

Oh well, all in all it was a worthwhile game, I just wish they had made some changes...
11/23/2012 09:43 PMPosted by Anjz
and especially END GAME content

They designed it to be End game all the way through from level 1-80.

So there's no such thing.
im planning on getting it when its on sale but there's not such my hype about the game now, why is it?

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