Reminder: IAS Nerf in 1.0.3

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As a reminder, we will be nerfing "Increases Attack Speed" (IAS) effects on all items except quivers with the 1.0.3 patch. Please note that this change does affect unidentified items as well, as item affixes and ranges are determined at the time of an item being dropped, and not when identified.

Characters with IAS on their items will see a drop in their character sheet damage, as character sheet damage takes into account attack speed (among other factors).

This change should not be confused with the Legendary buffs coming in a future patch (not 1.0.3), and those buffs, as previously mentioned, will not be retroactive.

You can read more about these and other upcoming changes in the 1.0.3 Design Preview blog.

Please, elaborate, how bad is this?
So now we hear something from you... long weekend? :|

EDIT: And why not link real patch notes instead? I'd LOVE to read about it there
My god prepare for the crying.
Patch Tomorrow I'm guessing.
G'bye monks
Where are the rest of the patch notes?
06/18/2012 06:44 PMPosted by loki
My god prepare for the crying.
Yeah, patch is tomorrow. Check this thread out;

Pretty much confirmed.

Edit: lol Wrong thread.

this forum is gonna be lite up in about..

Nothing is going right for this game and Blizzard refuses to acknowledge it.
Won't nerfing IAS on weapons actually lower the weapon's listed DPS? Doesn't that significantly change the value of weapons that people have already paid cash for?

Isn't this too harsh of a knee-jerk reaction? 50%? How can you justify that.
I'll miss you IAS...

so when we all migrate to the NEXT best thing will it get Nerfed also?
I'm excited to see how this change meshes with other changes in the game to not significantly affect the current balance of the game.
My condolences for any one who spent real money on attack speed gear, because, sucks to be you!
So everyone that its working in ac3/4.. are going back to act1...
Can't believe you guys took the lazy way out on this.

Should've added a DR instead of directly decreasing the value of people's gear.
take your current IAS and half it... that should be about the ball park
take this with a pint of salt... probably not final... (and it's datamined.. not official)

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