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OMG, thx dude. You are the best.
Barthus . Sir you are the man. thank you for the detailed yet simple method. please proceed to collect your payment from blizzard as a tech staff since you just did their job for them

thanks alot bro
Thank god! Been raging for hours, this worked straight away.. and if you can't find the program data folder, you need to make hidden folders visible in your folder options :)
06/19/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Barthus
I need a Hammer !
i messed up the system file, now i have to re-install my D3 through online since i bought this game through PayPal. Thanks blizzard for launching the game with this kind of stupid problem. Waited for hours for ur stupid update and now have to wait for few more hours for the new install.. good!
06/19/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Barthus
any help on Mac??? :(
This is stupid, why patch if there going to be something wrong? Now I see the reason why people selling their D3 accounts.
Are you sure you want to patch it now, as quite a few people are having crashes after the current patch...
I am in Asia play wit his server.
Already waiting ever 7 hours for new patch, but seem have issues on my MAC, can anyone able to download it and playing already?? if yes, can share us what soluation you did.
I'm getting a different error..

"An unexpected error occurred while trying to install. Please try again later or contact Customer Support."

Very nice job, well explained, keep it up, Thanks a lot
any solution on MAC please?!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much :) Sticky requested. mine worked by deleting that agent file. can you tell me what the file is really.
+rep. Thank you for the fix.
Worked for me... thank you very much.. I quit smoking yesterday and almost broke. I don't know why the heck an official announcement or some kind of acknowledgement could be made.
Thanks bro :)

its work

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