Diablo 3 won't load after the new patch

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I havn't been able to play Diablo 3 for 3 weeks now because after downloading and installing the patch the game wont even load now. I paid 60 dollars for this game and this issue has not been resolved in 4 weeks. I cant play the game that I paid 60 dollars for. Please fix this issue immediately because it has not been working for a long time now.
I am not sure if it helps but just in case ,every time I patch my game stops loading.

The way I work around this is by the following steps:

Patch the game
Hit Play (This is where it ceases to do anything)
Go to Task Manager and End the Blizzard Launcher Process
Reclick on Diablo 3 launcher
In Task Manager End the Agent process

This then kick starts the game and everything launches correctly.
From this point on it launches perfectly every time until another patch hits where i repeat the process.

I have no idea why this is the case but it does solve the problem for me
Alienspawn - Brilliant!!! I've been dealing with this since release day!! Worked like a charm. Many Thanks!!!
Alienspawn, that did the trick for me too. Thanks for posting the work around!
I would rather not be "That Guy" but why are we having to perform the work around? To me its like dating a crazy chick who drives you insane but every time you end the relationship, she comes back saying she loves you and will behave... The next day its the same MFing thing.

LOL yes Blizzard you are the crazy chick in this analogy

happy gaming everyone.
ive had this same problem!!! i have had diablo uninstalled due to this issue. now i cant install it properly. it cuts out during install saying agent.32 has stopped responding then a new pop up says "An unexpected error occurred while trying to install. Please try again or contact customer support." ive tried using the disk, ive tried using the dl from blizz site but i can't even install it now. pretty lame
just about to use the disk one last time to see if i can make it past the install and try that trick mentioned earlier
before you try reinstalling again. look in your hard drive for any residual files from your last attempts to reinstall and previous install and delete them. also turning off your anti-virus software if you have it can help sometimes.

hope you get running
I have been playing Diablo from the very beginning and I am very upset that I now cannot access this game, it gives a message saying you need the patch, despite the program saying the patch has downloaded, it then says the game will now close and download the patch. I close the message, and it goes back to the play screen, and does nothing, so I press the play button, and it just keeps doing the same. again and again, can somebody help with this please!

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